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  1. Good to know. It would be nice to write this in the manuel..
  2. No, it is the Plug above the e in Ultimaker on the mainboard. What you mean is the the fan plug. I got an another plug which was to the port jp3 connected. There are 5 plugs on the old printhead: Blue orange hot end fan (middel Board) Two thin wires PT100 into Temp1 Yellow green into Fan pwm Two single wires heater carteidge into Heater1 And the red brown one?? This one was in jp3 and the new printhead doesn't have it.
  3. And again my question: The old printhead has a plug which is connected to jp3 8/16 step. Nothing about it the manual. The new printhead do not have this plug?!? So now? Just leave it unused? Maybe someone could say something about this?
  4. Today my Upgrade kit arrived... First Problem... The old printhead has a plug which is connected to jp3 8/16 step. Nothing about it the manual. The new printhead do not have this plug?!? So now? Just leave it unused? Please help because my um2 is now out of order and i need it tommorow.
  5. Augenmaß reicht da mit der Zeit völlig aus ;-)
  6. Here you go, extrusion upgrade. It is linked from the homepage where it is featured in the carrousel. Why do they sell it more expensive than the msrp ? I think this is not really nice for an official representation of Ultimaker in Germany.
  7. It's expensive..but i want it :-) Wow..in Germany the price is higher than the msrp and at makerpoint (where i bought my um2) the shipping time is 2 weeks... And now? :-D
  8. I thought the printhead is the same like the old one except the cooling and the olson block? So why a complete new head? And the feeder motor is different too?? 500€ is a heavy price for an upgrade. I was hoping for a new feeder, an new fanshroud and maybe the olsonblock in the kit :-( There is only one dealer in Germany, and this one is selling it higher than the MSRP.... not really nice for an official dealer.
  9. http://support.3dverkstan.se/article/23-a-visual-ultimaker-troubleshooting-guide#shifted
  10. First upload since the conversion of the Forum.. New grips for my little edc squeak spyderco knife. The model was designed and printed as a prototyp. Now the grips can be milled on a cnc machine using the fitting 3d model.
  11. Mit dem vorbereitet meinte er wohl den roten, eingefügten Pfeil auf dem Bild. Und ein Thema das über 1 Jahr alt ist deswegen "hoch zu holen" finde ich DREIST.
  12. Hast du beim austauschen des Sensors genug Wärmeleitpaste verwendet? Oft entstehen Fehler der Temperatur dadurch.
  13. Hi, Manchmal tritt bei mir dieses Problem auch auf. Dass die Lüfter das Problem verursachen denke ich auch. Allerdings nicht die Vibrationen meiner Meinung nach. Wenn ich die Lüfter deaktiviere hört das Problem auf. Aber jetzt ist es so dass wenn ich (hört sich zwar dumm an) auf die Düse blase man sofort sieht wie sich die Schichten nicht mehr verbinden. Meiner Meinung nach kommen die getrennten Schichten vom "Luftzug". Da das Problem bei mir nicht immer und nicht bei allen Teilen auftritt, denke ich es liegt an der Geometrie der Teile. Aber was man dagegen machen kann weiß ich leid
  14. Hi, Ein Bild wäre super. Ansonsten schau dich mal hier um: http://support.3dverkstan.se/article/23-a-visual-ultimaker-troubleshooting-guide
  15. Same problem for me. Is there a way to change the retract lenght after print?
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