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  1. First upload since the conversion of the Forum.. New grips for my little edc squeak spyderco knife. The model was designed and printed as a prototyp. Now the grips can be milled on a cnc machine using the fitting 3d model.
  2. Would it be possible to add 3 variables, e.g. 1 for inner wall, 2 for outer wall and 3 for height, where a coefficient will be insert to compensate this. When printing technical parts that would be extremely helpful. example: I print a square with a hole in it. So i could change the wrench width independently from the height and the hole diameter without the need for the original cad file. Like a normal cnc machine with tool-offset.
  3. Hi, Also ich nutze den originalen Feeder, aber ich habe schon oft von Robert's feeder gelesen. Denke der ist ganz gut.. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/alternative-um2-feeder-version-two
  4. I see exactly the same way :wink: Thanks, I've uploaded it to Thingiverse if anyone has interest. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:642680
  5. Exactly the same thought I had. For this reason, I have the emblem completely new designed and then printed in max size. Now everything is symmetrical and the circles are round. :mrgreen: In addition, you can now stand up or hang up the emblem
  6. Excited by the recent yoda print I 've also tried my luck. The settings were something similar to that of didier. The details are really great!
  7. Hi, once again a Stargate print . This time the conference room emblem. Printed with innofill3d silver metallic, layer 0.1, 50mm / s in approximately 10h.
  8. And my next Stargate-print :mrgreen: I have made this Jaffa symbol of Apophis in Solid Edge. Then I changed the surface in mesh mixer to a old cast gold like surface. Printed with 0.05mm layer.
  9. This is my biggest project so far. Printed in over 90 parts and nearly 100 hours of printing. Illuminated with 3 smd leds per chevron. Painted with airbrush. The inner ring can rotate freely. Printed with innfofil3d silver metallic and 0.1mm layer. Regards Dirk
  10. hi, and the second model from Bold Machines. Also very easy to print.
  11. Hi, printed with innofil3d, 0.1mm layer, 50mm/s, no supports. Brim active. Printtime 13h. I will print this model again, because it prints super, but at a larger scale. Greets Dirk
  12. Just a few, of my latest, printed objects...These are my first self painted models. First try to print a picture. It's my wedding :mrgreen: Looks with a bit of color even better
  13. Nice printed skull! Maybe you could share the Model-file?
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