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Cura crashes

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Mac OS X Yosemite, Version 10.10.2.

I upgraded Cura to the latest version, and now I can open Expert Setting. However Cura now does a terrible slicing job and creates a most awful print of a very simple parts. Lots of strings as well as knobby protrusions on the external as well as internal surfaces. Just a big mess. I can't figure out how to do this right. Here are a couple of photos of the print. I have uploaded the stl file here, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/66542951/Size%20X-Small.stl

My prints are always so bad, that I am now reluctant to even use my printer anymore. This is no fun for me. More like an enormous waste of time every time I am trying to print something. Especially when it is something seemingly so simple.

IMG 8600

IMG 8601


I had experienced a similar printing issue before after having upgraded to a newer version of Cura. I had uploaded the stl file of a very simple model then too, and Robert printed it successfully using a previous version. When I downgraded I was able to print it successfully too.

So my question is. Is Cura the reason again that this is happening, or am I doing something wrong? The version I used to slice this print is 15.02.1. I can upload a movie showing the blue lines in the layers going all over the place, which are movements that I do not want.


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I just uninstalled Cura version 15.02.01 and reinstalled version 14.12.1. The blue lines make the same erratic movements resulting in a terrible print.

I then reinstalled version 14.07, the last version with which I have been able to make decent prints. Again, as before, the blue lines behave as I would expect them to. They only make small movements along the periphery, not criss cross across the empty space.

Unfortunately my concern is, that Cura isn't getting better. It is frustrating to realize that the same is happening as what happened a few month ago with a similar simple model.

Of course it is also possible that I have some settings wrong.


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@Zews: It's more likely the quality of your model that causes the issues. My rough guess would be that the embossed letters caused some faults in the model. Did you check the model in x-ray view? Daid might be interested in that model for Cura testing purpose.


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It is a clean stl file. No naked edges. What does checking the model in X-Ray view tell me about the model if there is something wrong with it? When I look at the model in X-Ray View is see nothing that is obvious to me. Frankly I have never understood what X-Ray View and/or Transparent view are supposed to do. They look identical to me just in different colors.

I just printed the model again, after slicing in Cura 14.07. Weird thing, even though I set to print a skirt, none was shown in Cura and none was printed.

The print looks decent, albeit not perfect, and not nearly as bad with all those strings and knobs on the surfaces as I posted before.


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I installed Cura 15.04 that program was nice. Now I got upgrade of program and then it was different program. there I can not find "tool up or down". "Extras filament or retract filament or change temp or change temperature of heatbed." when I clicked to "Start with USB!!!!!"

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