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Extrusion Issues

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Posted · Extrusion Issues

Hey Guys, I am having issues with extrusion on my Ultimaker Original, with the Dual Extrusion upgrade, as well as the heated bed upgrade.

Here is what happening:



Here are also the settings I am using to print this: ggEENoP.png


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

- Harry


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Posted · Extrusion Issues

50mm .2mm layers, 210C is too cold or too fast. You are getting intermittent underextrusion, probably when the filament is slightly stuck on the spool as it is probably "on the edge" the whole time.

I recommend you increase temp to 240C if you are going to print thick layers at 50mm/sec or print thinner layers, or slow down the printer, or some combination. You will also get better quality at slower speeds - I would actually recommend 35mm/sec, .2mm layers, 220C.

Here is a table of max recommended printing speed at .2mm layers for PLA (for .1mm layers you can print twice as fast):

20mm/sec at 200C

30mm/sec at 210C

40mm/sec at 225C

50mm/sec at 240C



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