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Ultimaker 2 s.o.s

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Hello. My Ultimaker 2 has died after just over a year of owning it. This is the 4th time it has needed repair, only now its out of warranty and imakr want to charge me £300 just to look at the thing.

My Ultimaker was out of use for a month due to waiting for a new heating cartridge and hot-end from the very speedy Ultimaker team. When I got the parts, before I started to do the repairs I thought I would check it was all working ok but when I switched it on it would not power up at all. It's not the power supply because a green light appears on the main board.

I replaced the hot-end and cartridge and checked all connections, but it still won't power up. If it is a problem with the main board then I don't even see a main board in the spare part section - how much does it cost and where can I get one?

Please help!


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What country are you in? Please update your location. You can get very different support depending on the country.

Ultimaker will usually (not always) honor warranty even when you are past the end date. The board is around $250 I believe from my poor memory. Don't call imakr - contact UM support directly. I'm pretty sure they help you no matter where you bought it. Also if you want very fast support and you speak english, call their number during their daytime hours and you often get a human right away. But only call if you speak english (or dutch) - they all speak english fantastically well.

I have 3 UM2 power supplies and they are very strange beasts. They must have computers in them or something. I would assume that's the problem as mine do weird things. I found that I had to power one down for several *hours* before it would work again. Try unplugging it from the wall, then turn on the UM2 to drain most of the charge - there should be a blue led that gets dim. Then maybe wait a few hours like that as it really takes an incredibly long time- maybe even a few days. Then hook it all back up normal (any order is fine plug in while machine is on is fine, while machine is off - seems to make no difference for me).

I know you said the green light is on the board but I still recommend you do this test. Also if you have a multimeter you could test that it's 24V on the white board coming in and not, say 5V or 2V that I expect you are getting which is enough for that green led but not enough for much else.


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