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cant get good quality/successful prints


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Posted · cant get good quality/successful prints

I hope I can get some good suggestions on how to improve my prints.

Thanks for having a look, I hope this video helps explain. It's about 3.5 minutes but you might get the idea of what is wrong in the first minute or so.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZME9TRrmeo&feature=youtu.be

The model is of these thin tubes that are overhangs, so I tried to print with 100% fill density and thin layers (I am using Cura). The edges were curling so much that they were hitting the extruder fan, so I removed it. I didn't have it running anyways.

The edges did end up curling anyways and the print failed. I also tried a simpler model that was a vertical extrusion (with default Cura settings), but that failed as well. So these are the questions I have now:

1) I thought I didn't need the fan and it was hitting the model, but does it help with overhangs by getting the plastic to cool instantly?

2) How do I stop the curling of the edges? I used a raft...

3) How can I stop the stringing?

4) How can I stop the delamination between layers?

5) Generally, what do i need to change to get good prints?

I want to do some more prints later this afternoon/evening. Maybe I need to have a higher print temp., and print the infill before the loops.

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    Posted · cant get good quality/successful prints

    I can spot a few things that should make things better. First of all, for printing ABS your temperature is way to low: Try 250 C instead, that will probably help with both the extruder missing steps, and delamination. You should also know that the first model is a very difficult print, with those overhangs. You might want to try Curas built-in auto generated supports, but be prepared to waste alot of plastic and time over it. Know that supports are generally not used for supporting the weight of the model during printing, but rather to be able to print parts 'mid air' so to speak, and very steep overhangs. Adding a few millimeters if retraction (try setting the 'distance' setting to 4 under 'retraction' in the advanced settings) will help with the stringing, but might increase the risk of grinding.

    Is there some particular reason for printing it with 100% infill? I usually print with 20% or less, perhaps 30% and 1.2 or 1.6mm wall thickness for a structural part.

    Curling is a well-known problem with ABS, but I'm no expert on that, having almost only used PLA. But to make successful prints in ABS that are that large, I suspect you will need a heated print-bed. Know that the Ultimaker is primarily built for printing PLA.

    Anyway, good luck to you!

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    Posted · cant get good quality/successful prints


    see sec 28 in video. There is comming nothing out of the nozle. Your Skirt looks good.

    Layer height 0.08 is not good. First try with 0.3

    Temp >=250

    Test your filament feed pressure Screew.

    Try print speed 30-40.

    Look at your first layer and the skirt. They must be perfect sticking. If yo see, that a layer is not sticking, you can abort the printing and try again.

    PS: I saw your PLA video. Looks good at begin. You can see in the first layer, that the amount of material is right and the material feed. On top, you have mutch to low material. That a feed problem. Tighten the freed pressure Screew.

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