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UM2 extruder - Any news?

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Hi UM Forum.

I know this topic have been touched several times, but i would like to give my contribution to it.

Recently i upgraded my UM original with all the stuff that were available to it, extruder upgrade, hotend upgrade, heated bed, tightened the belts and all in all gave it i good overhauling.

Now i find myself using my Original UM for 95% of printjobs rather tham my UM2.

The only reason for this is the very unstable extruder on the UM2.

The extruder on the UM2 works great.... when it works...

I do ALOT of Atomic pulls during a printweek, i crancked up the amps to the motor, i adjusted and did everything the forums told me to do - but it is still not stable enough.

I do not trust the printer to print more than 6-10 hours and i will supervise every hour to see if the print works or not, and most of the times i dosnt.

I saw some guys print i 2 meter eiffel tower on the UM2 and they threw alot of overnight prints away because the nozzle was clogged.

I have now been printing probably 1500 hours on my UM original and i have never had any problems with the extruder or anything else on it, it just prints and prints.

Has anyone come up with a sustainable solution or is the solution still to do the Atomic pulls when things go to crap?

It's hame on a machine that is overall build this great, i love the machine but i really dont love the extruder.

For now its gathering dust next to my fully working UMO....


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Replacing the teflon part. I've hardly had any prints fail on the UM2 due to clogged nozzle. In most cases it's the roll of fillament that got stuck / tangled that made the print fail.

Also; cranking up the motor power can actually increase the jams, as the motor gets hotter, which means the knurled wheel also gets hotter, which causes it to deform the material more.


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Strange... Although life on my UM2 is not so great, the only problem with the extruder, I have encountered is the need to bite off the thread end cutting pliers due to the fact that it is possible to jam the threads right in front of the print head. And Yes, the printer from the shipping date is not turned off for days. Now there is a 32 hour print products, and in addition to the time spent on checking the laying of the first 10 layers, I generally don't spend my time on it. If we talk about the UM2, a stylish set of interchangeable nozzles (as usual for PLA or ABS, and a variety of exotics like Woodfill or filament with containing metal/carbon fiber) I would have bought it without hesitation.


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Thanks for your answers guys.

The only thing i have not tried is replacing the PTFE coupling - i will contact UM.

When i recieve the new coupling i will turn down the amps on the extruder.

The trouble with the extruder began after roughly 200 print hours.

Does anyone have any idea why UM is not gearing the extruder anymore?

It seems that gearing it makes more sence, of course you risk chewing the filament if somethig goes wrong, but rather that than having to clean the nozzle over and over again.


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