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Hi, i just bought the flex3drive and "the olsson block"...

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Hi Ganon! "Dual Nozzles"

UM officially abanodoned "dual" printing for the UM2 family earlier this year.

You CAN install two blocks, and drives, and print with two colours eventually, but you will run into at least two show-stopping problems:

Dual problem 1: While you print with nozzle #1, nozzle #2 will continuously crash into your new construction. Fix: Lift the head not in use. There are some good efforts for this, especially in Germany I think. The guy is in the forum here..

Dual problem 2: The head currently not in use will a) drip, and b) "cook" the material inside, and depending which material it is, turn i into "чевачка", completely blocking it.

There are more problems also, but these are by most regarded as the most important ones.

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DUAL: This is the simple way to keep the filament uncooked:

Lets say you have a "main Print". This print needs filament from both nozzles.

You add more work to the buildplate by making  1-4 "fake" prints next to the main print.

We call these "wipe towers".

It ensures, that ever now and then the nozzle (-s, if you dare) go print something unnecessary there, keeping the filament moving.

But in DUAL printing there are other problems, so you just have to try!

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