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Hello Everyone!

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Hello All-

A quick thank you to all on the UM forums!

I am new to 3d printing and received my UM2 6 weeks ago.  I learned how to print from all the guides, tutorials and info here on the UM forums and all of you.  Thanks much, again!

So, I have 214 hours of printing on my UM2 and it has been amazing!  I have done several commercial jobs and have received some kudos for the print quality I get with the UM2.  I have not had one problem with the machine...none...I am just printing anything and everything .

So much to say about 3d printing but not enough space...I will ask my questions in later posts, but for now, I will just say hello and post my info…


Montrose,CO  US

UM2 from Fbrc8 on Mar18 (Dynamism for the sale)

CURA 15 (so easy to pick up and use)

ToyBuilder PLA and ABS

No issues at all from the UM2...It runs and runs and runs...(it seems that most of the probs reported and reviewed prior to 0ct/Nov '14 have been solved).

Well...thx again and Cheers, All-


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I get my UM2 three days ago, but already get three failed prints.

I have post a thread here but seems it's still not reviewed by moderator.

I'm wondering whether this reply will be reviewed and shown.

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