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  1. I got this feeling that this will no longer be open source
  2. dissolvable support ? Great progress has been made on that front like E3D scaffold, I've used that succesfully
  3. First teases a print with support material that disappears Second is a 2 color drill Thats dual extrusion Do i win a free one for figuring it out first ?
  4. this version does not work on my ultimaker I have and Ultimaker orgininal (early 2012) with heated bed and print head upgrade, the above firmware disabled the heated bed and the UMO+ firmware doesn't boot on the arduino. Bit at a loss here edit: got it, github n00b here
  5. I am looking for the source code for the firmware version 14.12 for the ultimaker original+ On of the functions (extruder fan) has always been broken (UM refused to fix it btw) and I would like to connect the fan to one of the free pins, but I am looking for the source code of this firmware version, it does not appear to be on github.
  6. Bre pettis everyone, the epic failed steve jobs imitator
  7. I need a complete hot end kit +some spare peek parts. Mine went down in an epic failiure that i dont understand yet. The peek part melted, brass tube fell out and the hot end destroyed the fan shroud it fell into Trideus only has some minor parts. They do however have the full range of um2 parts
  8. I would like to point out that is next to impossible to get spare parts for UMO in belgium, the only reseller real Belgian trideus is completely ignoring those. Coolblue only sells printers but thats it I have a broken down umo and im not able repair it. Not cool dudes, not cool
  9. Not for nylon, but colorfabb xtf20 is known to destroy brass nozzles
  10. How is the usability with the newer materials like nylon (or basicaly any filament from taulman) Will there be a stainless steel nozzle for the more abrasive materials ?
  11. I just tried to clean my hot end with some cleaning filament. It worked great at first, but then the hot end just melted right out of the peek insulator, it basicly fell out and then the heater block melted into the fan duct Should i have not used this filament ? The peek insulator is about a year old, was it simply near the end of its lifetime ?
  12. first parts are already printing on my UMO
  13. I consider makerbot to be the apple, far to expensive, closed off and limited in capability on purpose
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