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  1. I don't have firsthand experience with the carbon fiber but I thought I'd share an interesting youtube video by Thomas Sanladerer where he tests baking Carbon Fiber HTPLA per the manufacturer recommendation and also regular old PLA. The baking increased the strength significantly in both cases. It's interesting to watch it nothing else. good luck on your search
  2. I've noticed a severe degradation when printing with PET+ at .2mm and .25mm. When making rapid moves (doing shells/perimeters within the model body) the nozzle is dragging across the infill and leaving remnants and jostling the model. I haven't tested at smaller layer heights. I need to go back to the 14.x I have installed until this gets fixed.
  3. The Makerbot folks recommend that the extrusion width be atleast 1.5 times the layer thickness. Following that guideline, the Ultimaker 0.4mm nozzle should only do a 0.26ish mm layer. In practice, I have found this to be a good guideline.
  4. I just received an order from http://www.ultimachine.com . They're in Pittsburg, TN and I ordered last Friday and got it this Wednesday. Shipping cost was average; they use USPS flat-rate boxes mostly. The one thing they did which really ingratiated them with me is they included a few meters of samples too.
  5. Regarding #2, I've noticed that there's some sort of issue where the transform is applied before/after the object is flattened on the table surface in the viewer resulting in it rotating about a point *other* than the origin. 1. load model 2. flip z axis 3. load the same model again 4. new model is now hovering above the platform With the z transform it's obvious something is really wrong but an X/Y transform glitch like above would have the effect Tachyio mentioned.
  6. I've finally dialed in most all of the settings on my Ultimaker/Cura nicely but the first layer gives me trouble. It sticks fine, has for a long time, but the amount of material extruded in this layer is overkill. It seems like it is extruding 150-200% as much as needed and the nozzles forms grooves in (smears across) the excess material that has oozed out. Every other layer lays down nicely. I've seen references to how well "Cura stitches the first layer," and other comments that seem to suggest that the first layer is intentionally laid down extra thick so I suspect this is a software is
  7. I'm curious to see what he says; I thought Daid wasn't actually writing the slicer but rather an easy-to-user wrapper around skeinforge. As such, skeinforge is probably the limiting factor because it's not aware of the project planner and the whole reuse concept. Having said that, it might be practical to write something that parses existing GCode and translates the movement to a new table location (just thinking outloud cuz I like this stuff).
  8. It doesn't have buttons for it yet, but if you save a project, and open it in a text editor, then you can edit mirror settings. (Not that user friendly, I know) Maybe not the most use friendly but it works just fine for me and is a lot easier than editing the model in blender/meshlab every.single.time. Thanks! Btw, Project Planner is working nicely for me!
  9. Is it possible to access any of the mirroring functions in Project Planner?
  10. I had similar issues on Cura RC2/SkeinPyPy when printing this yoda http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:14104 Per your comment Daid, I had also tried it with zero infill and thicker walls and ended up with same issue with single perimeter walls on all the layers where it *was* doing the solid infill. Just chiming in hoping the info will contribute to the problem solving.
  11. Tracking received 4/20/2012 @ exactly 5 weeks. Yesterday I found out about the Ulticontroller and asked to have it added to my order only to have the shipment notification show up only hours later; they informed me they can't add it to my order. Definitely not worth another €60 of shipping for an €80 thing. Oh well, at least it's coming home finally!
  12. Order # 1827 Payment confirmed 3/16/2012 Jealous of how quickly italianmaxx got his
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