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  1. Thanks, I really appreciate these tips. DeVIDE looks promising (although a bit complicated). I'll see if I can get the ultrasound company to convert the files into .dvx for me.
  2. I had this idea about 3d-printing my unborn baby based on some 3d ultrasound images, so we got transferred the raw-data from one 3d-ultrasound session on an usb-stick, but the format look a bit proprietary and I cannot find a way to open them. Does anyone know how to convert .vol/.raw ultrasound files to .stl/.obj ? The .vol files start with the text "KRETZFILE 1.0" while the .raw files start with the text "%HDF" if that mean anything. Even if there is no such conversion program, I would gladly write software to do the conversion if I got a description of the file formats. Does anyone have
  3. Ian, that's a really nice city you're building. I'm impressed by the quality of the buildings, it's so smooth!
  4. Very nice! I guess the statue of liberty goes next, the pyramids might not be that impressive ;-)
  5. Wow... Cura now owns Netfabb, seriously! This is great news... I'll download your profile immediately :-) Thanks for sharing this, you rock!
  6. Wow, that's amazing. I looked at the tower myself but gave up because the slizer failed no matter how I tuned it. What did the scaling do to the printing time? I would guess this took all day or even more? Extremely cool :-) And Ian, well done with your print as well. That's much better looking than my first print.... or not to mention my 5 first prints. ;-)
  7. At least it's better than those spider webs Netfabb creates. It goes in all directions and is much harder to clean. Nice print btw :-)
  8. Nice Daid, this would be nice to see in the next version of the project planner in Cura. So not only ordering separate items in the print but also half items :-)
  9. I moved this discussion to a private chat in order to prevent flooding the "Post your latest print!" with something that is not a print ;-)
  10. I used Netfabb with the quality setting on "standard", so not so very high quality, lots of stringing and blobs on the back (not visible on the image), but I thoght 10 hours of total printing time was enough... Maybe I'll print the cannons on the top in higher quality because they was difficult to get right. It's 14 parts in total. Its about 15 cm high assembled. Yes please, that would be awesome, I need some practice in 3d modelling/editing :-)
  11. Here is the result of my weekend: http://www.thingiverse.com/derivative:29000 I had to print it immediately after I found it on thingiverse, I'm a huge fan of this model!
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