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  1. @jpyt, Ultimaker actualy has done something like that for the Ultimaker 3. See: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/23132-clogged-print-core
  2. You might find this topic interesting: [gr5 edit - fixed link]
  3. I'm also having this issue. It's especially problematic when you want to print something with text on the bottom, like the OpenScope case: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2080883/#comments I'd also prefer a setting in the firmware, but maybe a Cura plugin would be the fastest route?
  4. @ahoeben, was thinking the same. Altough... there is the permission check and port 80 excludes ssh. Maybe I'm paranoid? @ultiarjan, any tips on how to set that up? Would that be usable to access it from a server, to publish a limited api to the public?
  5. I've sort of started with a dashboard: https://github.com/peteruithoven/um3-dashboard But this is currently only showing the camera, using the unofficial mjpg stream, which I've made accessible through my router. I could really use some tips on how I could for example only have my server be able to access my printer so that I could provide a limited read-only api for the dasboard, maybe using a vpn.
  6. The Ultimaker 3's display is managed by a different kind of computer (Olimex instead of Atmel (Arduino)), so this firmware probably isn't suitable for Ultimaker 3's right? Maybe this is something that could be clarified in the introduction topic?
  7. That sounds like an interesting and saver solution. Maybe even easier because you don't have to study the router's interface (of which there are many). I hope someone will publish a tutorial on that, as I have no experience at all with vpn.
  8. So the Ultimaker 3 can be controlled on the local network, but are there any ideas about how to monitor or even control it remotely? Being able to see the webcam of your printer at home, while you're at work for example. I could open up ports to it in my router, making it accessible to the greater internet, but that feels risky? Or are the risks diminished by the pairing system and the fact that it has ssh turned off by default?
  9. @Render I'd love to try when you have a RC. I'll keep following this threat.
  10. Awesome! I really like the balance between aesthetics and functionality. Have you published your work on github somewhere?
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