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  1. Thank you. It's an X18, the tall one, they bought it before I started otherwise they would have an Ultimaker instead! I think I'll do a trial to see what happens.. Mark
  2. Hi all, In my last job I got them to buy an Ultimaker, which I was allowed to keep when I was made redundant.... I'm now working for a new company but they have a Makerbot plus the software that goes with it. my question is can I use all the settings in cura to control the makerbot such as advanced, expert and the skirt feature or will that be left out when it writes the makerbot G code? Regards Mark
  3. Thanks all for the helpful replies. I will let you know how it goes. Regards Mark
  4. Hi all, Could do with a few pointers. I'm going to take my ultimaker 1 home from work. Any suggestions about things I should collapse or remove to make a 2 hour commute on a train in rush hour and a 2 mile walk the other end a little less of a problem. Thanks Mark
  5. The little tab on the figurine jar belongs to this company http://www.imakr.com/ might be sold via them.
  6. That's good to know. Thanks I would like to say well done on an outstanding product, I have just recommended Cura to someone on another forum with a different printer as I feel that Cura is the most straight forward and easiest to use. Regards Mark
  7. Hi Daid, Like everyone else I love Cura and each version gets better and better BUT one thing hasn't changed and that is the print by USB interface Could it be possible to improve this to at least include a dual head option or reconise its a two colour print. I don't get on with the sd card and controller and I'm sure others don't. I don't see any differance in quality between printing via USB and SD card I just find it easier to do it all from one computer. Way back at cura 12.8 or maybe before it came with printrun which I think is a nice easy to use and see whats going on interface but ha
  8. Hi All just a quick question. I have a UM1 and I updated to Cura 13.11.2 should I update Marlin as well or is this just for UM2 users with the changes that are listed in it? Regards Mark
  9. Hi all, I've not had any problems because I don't have a glass plate on my printer BUT this sort of looked familiar....and I think the problem could be along these lines..... From the Miele ceramic hob operating instructions. ''Do not allow either solid or liquid sugar or pieces of plastic or aluminium foil to get on to the ceramic hob when it is hot. If this is allowed to cool before the hob has been cleaned, the ceramic surface will be susceptible to pitting or even cracking.'' So if you allowed the glass plate (hob) to cool before removing the print (Sugar/plastic) then it binds to the
  10. Hi Jimmy D I'm an in-house architectural model maker and I use various programmes to achieve the end result in MY work line. I have used MicroStation for years and I am most comfortable with that but here at work drawings are produced in AutoCAD ( could never get on with it!) so I use both programmes to resolve issues switching and saving between the two then using Rhino to refine and save as .stl for printing. The architects are starting to use Revit here too and we did try to export directly as a .stl but we had issues with what was required for printing and what Revit produced, so I had t
  11. same here, Also tried right click toolpath print via USB and no print dialog box either. Hope this is what you're after.. Loading # from disk... Reading mesh from binary blob with 84012 vertexes Loaded from disk in 0.016s Analyzing and optimizing model... Face counts: 28004 -> 27871 99.5% Vertex counts: 84012 -> 13942 16.6% Optimize model 0.047s Slicing model... Sliced model in 0.297s Generating layer parts... Generated layer parts in 0.156s Generated inset in 1.187s Generated up/down skin in 2.172s Loading ## from disk... Reading mesh from binary blob with 39624 vertexe
  12. What firmware version shows on your ulticontroller? Mine is Ultimaker 13.03 March 1 2013 12:34:53 just checking that mine is operating as it should. Rergards
  13. Ok, got the link now via 3dcases' posting. Will give it a go too. Thanks
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