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  1. @nallath I can send the files to you in a direct message, The file can not be shared in public as it is a design for my business i run...
  2. Cura 3.2 & 3.2.1 is crashing trying to slice dual prints I installed 3.1 and all is fine... Picture and cura log attached... Cura.log
  3. 3D Prints section looks a bit of a mess... https://community.ultimaker.com/files/category/1-3d-prints/
  4. Page 33 is showing on the overview page and when you click on that it takes you to a blank page 33... but when you click on page 32 it works so i assume this post will end up on page 33 now Edit: so yes this is now top of page 33 so the overview screen is reporting the next page before there is any post actually on the next page...
  5. @sandervG sent, its not taking me to page 33 it takes me to page 34...
  6. @sandervG I just clicked on a notification for this thread and it took me to a blank page, page 33
  7. spell check working here using firefox....
  8. @sandervG So far this morning i have had 8 notifications about the 3D print show London United Kingdom Why so many notifications about the same event ?
  9. I have a vbulletin license if Ultimaker want to put it to use I threw this up in half hour so you can all dream of what a forum should look like on an old domain im not using 3dprinting.bar
  10. Version 1.0


    Another one of my favorite prints designed by Braddock, and another practice piece to learn airbrushing my prints.
  11. cor3ys


    Version 1.0


    T800 Printed and airbrushed.
  12. I was just short of about 200 post now down to 86 posts
  13. When i took mine apart the encoder had come away, but i was still able to use it while waiting for replacement part, I had to have the board laying on the table in front of the machine, so i could turn it to move round the menu, then used a pen to push the center to select things... Link to another hack and encoder part number http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/7332-main-encoder-broke-the-pot-not-the-knob-need-new-one/
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