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  1. wow i haven't been on the forum for quite some time. But i'll introduce myself: I'm Martijn, 29 years young, started working at ultimaker 6,5 years ago. Fulfilled all kinds of positions within the company at a lot of different departments. Ended up at R&D as a project engineer, and am now responsible on helping to improve processes within the R&D department. As well as still doing the occasional hardware development. My hobby's are Climbing (Bouldering mostly), Video games, D&D and drinking beer (the last to can be very nicely done together).
  2. hmm, maybe i'll make a small vid tomorrow and post it here if that is ok.
  3. Another way is to drop it through platform in Cura. It will only print the part that is above the platform. Then remember that value, flip the part and drop it the total height - the remembered value. And if you are on win10 the 3d builder app has a similar option and works quite well.
  4. good to see i'm not the only one hit with the double reply bug. secondly, Back to the drawing board my dead watson! Hehehe i covered it up by just typing some extra stuff
  5. Just make sure you don't heat up the water to more than 35C because that can cause to deform the PLA.
  6. ooh and i should update my printer profile right?
  7. Wait, where we not building a giant 3d printing robot spider for world domination?
  8. cool! i would love to see a turbo fan version. I would be very careful with cooling the nozzle more then 10C this can possibly make it harder for the feeder to push material through and grind the filament faster, or prevent the layers from melting together properly and then loosing structural integrity or worse de-lamination. but i'm curious to see what you end up with!
  9. cool i joined as drjackhol most of my time is spent on CS:GO but i'm thinking of starting some rallying on dirt rally
  10. Hi Clamking I really like your fan-duct design. especially the flow simulations you provided next to the design. Having a close to symmetrical design would always be a preference. And the advantage of 3d printing is perfect in being able to perfectly guide the air to the nozzle as smooth as possible. But as the metal also doubles as a heat shield/ anti finger burner we made some choices in that area. One question i do have is why you have the airflow enter on the nozzle instead of underneath it? in my opinion you would be cooling down the nozzle here maybe a bit to much, especially whe
  11. I only intern of Fridays all the other days i'm just a normal r&d'er. @labern Is this the thanks i get for helping you with the fanduct
  12. Second attempt 0,25mm nozzle 5% original size 0,04mm layers
  13. .. it needs to be pretty too! Hahaha, hey give me some slack. first attempt here
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