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  1. Success! Thank you! :)I haven't tried priting the resulting gcode, but the preview looks nice and the grey boxes around the objects have much more sensible sizes now, so everything fits on the build plate. Cheers! /rené
  2. Cura 4 Beta1 installed. Looks very polished.. can't install the mesh tools from the marketplace (can't locate it in the market place), so I can't verify if it works or not...
  3. Ultimaker Original. I did, however mention, that the machine settings are the same for both 14.09 and 3.6.0 . to clarify, here are the machine settings from 14.09 and 3.6.0 attached. In 14.09, when I click on one of the parts, after splitting the model, the grey box surrounding the parts have different shapes, depending on which of the parts I click on. The smallest gear (placed at the back of the build plate) has a square around it, and a triangle 'sort of attached' that overlaps the middle gear (it's hard to describe, but it looks like the triangle part isn't exaxtly
  4. I tried turning off one-at-a-time too as a part of my debugging, but since I wanted to split the parts, so that I could print them one at a timein the first place, I didn't include this step. Yes, I can slice if I disable one-at-a-time printing, but that defeats the purpose... enabling one-at-a-time printing after splitting the parts, makes the grey area around the parts big again, rendering it non-sliceable..
  5. Ok. Great news, or so I thought.. a relatively simple 3-part model I have, that Cura 14.09 could split and auto-rearrange to fit on the bed, fails with the plugin in 3.6.0 😕 I have attached the STL in question and screenshots from 14.09 before and after split + screenshots from 3.6.0 before and after split. The difference being here, that in 14.09, it splits and slices just fine - in 3.6, the file _is_ split, but for some reason all the parts are now so big that they don't fit on the bed and can't be sliced.. (yes, I have tried re-arranging the parts too). It could seem
  6. .. and it's not in 3.6 either. I miss this feature 😕
  7. I know this is an old topic.. and I still haven't installed the _latest_ Cura (running on 3.3.1 right now) and I just got _this_ weird skirt.. first time _ever_. If I change to brim, it's placed correctly around the model. I'll install the latest update and see if it does better ? Quick update: rotating my model 90 degrees around the Z-axis results in a correctly placed skirt..
  8. So.. 13.12 still claims to be the latest version - bug? If I start up 13.11.12, which I still have installed, it says a new version is availble and downloads 14.01 if I accept download of new version..
  9. Hello Daid, Thanks for the great work! By coincidence I saw a new version has been posted within the past few days, but.. my current installation of Cura (on my windows machine) says I'm already running the latest version of Cura when I run the manual check for updates. Is there a change log availble online so I can see if I gain anything by updating? Cheers!
  10. I'm having the exact same question as well.. using the claws both to tighten the belts and restrain the rotational movement of the sliding blocks is a kind of a hen&egg situation as the instructions (with video) clearly state not to tighten the belts too much, which on my machine results in the rods having quite a bit of play. So far my prints look fine, but I'm worried if there are going to be any visible artifacts in larger prints from this play.. Cheers PS: Really really really really happy about the machine. The prints really look and feel great, even when actively slicing low quali
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