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  1. is this filament also usable as conductive element?
  2. I just needed to print this as lover of Sim City and Sim City 2000. Such sweet times with those games
  3. Sort off..... it is still a very simple gear So if anybody wants it i have a download of all the needed parts here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/90634021/Inbus-Holder.zip But be aware that is not perfect yet.
  4. I was working on something practical the last days. An Inbus holder that lets you rotate the inbus keys so you can get the smaller ones out easier... i needed a whole battery of gears to get it so that ,if you rotate one inbus, all rotate.
  5. It is an E-Cig.... yes i vape But i am also one with the force ;D
  6. Since i lost the last one i printed i needed to reprint it.
  7. Damn the last days were exhausting..... sorry that i have not uploaded the final stuff for the spool/feederholder yet.... i just made the changes and now only have to reprint one part to make sure the issue is really resolved.... even if it was just a minor one.... but damn is it hot today where i am 26 degrees..... could it not be 20 degrees less?
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