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  1. @CCW: Ehm you forgot my Spool and Feeder holder https://www.youmagine.com/designs/spool-and-feederholder
  2. takei-naodar

    Makerbot invents printing with wood and metal...

    The reviews on glassdoor just reaffirm my constant belief that american companies just tend to sacrifice everything and everyone to meet a 3 month goal and in that process lose a good portion of market share.
  3. takei-naodar

    This is a new one.

    Bed is not leveled correctly.... nozzle is to close to the bed.
  4. takei-naodar


    30mm/s and i think 0.12 or 16mm layer height..... would have to look into the gcode again
  5. takei-naodar


    Ok Overhang test is finished. On the left we have the 70° angle going down in steps of 5° toward the right. Settings were 210° 55° 100 percent fan You can see the head was moving to the right where the material was not cooled right since the Head moved away to fast.
  6. takei-naodar


    I am currently doing a real overhang test, since i never could get higher than maybe 2mm without the test detaching from the buildplate. In its fracture behaviour it behaves much like ABS but with the layer adhesion of PLA. Stringing is so far as i have found not a real Problem as is oozing from the nozzle. In terms of Printing speed it can be handled like PLA.
  7. takei-naodar


    OK Guys print is done.... the PLA-HT still sticks quite stongly to the 3dlac even after it has cooled down and gives a very glossy finish on the bottom. Over all i am still quite happy with the results. @Offtopic I am personally using a hand modified Zetoff Fanshroud. I think it does its job quite well. Naturally printed in PLA-HT
  8. takei-naodar


    Ok Guys.... PLA-HT is now my new favorite Material in terms of properties. I can now confirm that it sticks with 3dlac very very well. Better than even normal PLA with the standard Gluestick. I am just printing my first print with it though and the used bed temp is 70°. Will post later how well the prints get off the buildplate after it has cooled down. The Print will take about 8h. @Sander You guys should maybe consider taking this stuff into your portfolio. Both the HT and the 3dlac of course.
  9. takei-naodar

    Big & Little news !

    From the Photo i can just tell that there is just 1 bowden so it would be quite a wonder if there would be a second extruder.
  10. takei-naodar

    UM2 filament feeder tension

    Hmmm if you allready had occasional skipping it could well be that the filament had deformed while the printer was unused.
  11. takei-naodar

    UM2 filament feeder tension

    If the pressure is to low you will get slipping marks as in your picture because the grip will not be strong enough. If the pressure is to high the filament can be deformed or you will get the motor skipping back all the time. But i have to remark it has been long since i used the original Feeder... i now use mine with a MK8.
  12. takei-naodar

    What to expect from PLA

    Well Solid you should look at PLA-HT then.... practicaly combines the good of PLA with the good of ABS.... with only one downside.... printbed adhesion.... but i am sure i will have the solution in the next week or so. Atleast i hope so..... if i am able to overcome this problem this is a practically flawless material. @TE you should maybe take a look at the so called Smart ABS... never had that material but it is supposed to have a smaller shrinkage which would hopefully enable you to allow 100% fanspeed without letting the Print crack.
  13. takei-naodar


    Thx.... happy to hear i did not order some wrong advertising..... sad that you dont have some PLA-HT to test adhesion with it... well.... will probably be the first one to test
  14. takei-naodar


    Well cou could always use the Gluestick with a Bedtemp of 80 degrees..... thing is you will have to apply it when the bed is warm and immediatly start the print...... sticks well then
  15. takei-naodar


    Here you go..... Settings were 205° 80° 0.12 30mm/s

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