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  1. It would be even better if you could use that thing as a lemon peeler :-) Aaargh, I wish I had more spare time at the moment, I'd totally adapt the design.
  2. Oh no! I'm an expert for stupid calculation errors as well. Once during a business administration exam my brain decided that an hour should have 10 minutes, a day 10 hours, a week 10 days, a month 10 weeks and a year 10 months. Unfortunately, the person grading the exam didn't agree.
  3. Hahahaha, I thought I was procrastinating today (spent some time recording sound bites for a friend's radio project which of course also meant drinking coffee, eating cake and making extensive plans for the next weekend) but you guys are doing it waaay better :-)
  4. Wait, my Ultimaker can travel back in time and take pictures? Is that the upgrade kit you're releasing at MakerFaire NY? :-P
  5. Are you planning to publish books about other cities as well? People without family ties to Leipzig need Christmas presents, too :-P
  6. It also might depend on your coworkers' ages. Mine were mostly in their 40s to 60s, very few young people working there.
  7. Ian, have you watched that documentary "Make Me A German" about a British couple who moved to Germany for a while and tried to live as Germans? There's this scene where the guy uses his mobile phone at work to send a text and everyone's super shocked and, like, "nope, we never ever do this at work, how do you ever get anything done at work when everybody's texting all the time". It's probably still floating around the Internet in case you missed. It's pretty interesting. From my limited experience working in Germany and abroad, there's a greater disconnect between private life and work in Ger
  8. This stuff you drank.... are you sure it was only coffee??????
  9. Done! Yeah, another thing accomplished before 10 a.m.! Kinda scary that I somehow turned into a morning person...
  10. Yeah! Nice yellow color! (And another yeah! for me for getting the video to play ).
  11. I have a piece of Ultimaker news! I'm organizing the first German Ulti-evening! Yes, it's finally happening!!! (I do feel this needs more exclamation marks.) If you speak German, see my thread http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/6836-ulti-evening-in-deutschland-fablabs-gesucht/. I also finally bought some Faberdashery filament and I might be in love with the robot silver one. It's so gorgeous! Currently printing Robert's labyrinth box as a wedding gift (well, there will be some money inside, too... mustn't print that, unfortunately). And I realized after buying a food processor th
  12. Well, there's a well-hidden menu in Meshmixer for modifying surfaces. You can bring it up by selecting "Sculpt" on the left hand side and then pressing "3" on your keyboard (pressing "2" makes it disappear again). BUT this only works well if your model has a fairly high number of polygons, otherwise the results are a bit confusing. (Disclaimer: They might be really confusing anyway.)
  13. I recommend this method: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/5951-calibration-utility-leveling-ringsgcode/ It's a gcode for printing large concentric circles very slowly. You can easily adjust the calibration screws while printing. It gives much, much better results than using a sheet of paper.
  14. This is amazing! I'd love to train my body not to get dizzy on rollercoasters (rollercoasters are the best but my body unfortunately doesn't agree) but if that involves riding a rollercoaster every other day it might not be practical...
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