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  1. Similarly, I'm up to my elbows in solving a problem for myself, and find it very useful to other hobbyists. A viable solution now, thanks to 3D printing.
  2. Cura has 5 language options under Preferences. It's just strings on the UI, not five versions of Cura. Does it add problems? Yes. Change it to French, restart Cura. Go under "Machine", still in English, "Add New Machine". Bugs happen, but not a reason to not do something. Same thing, units is merely a mathematical choice of language, in this case, metric. No imperial preference means human is doing the conversions (over and over), much more error prone. I'd put my money on Daid over consistency in user conversions. One bug found, Daid fixes for everyone, once whereas human conversion
  3. No, I didn't. You must have a lot of spare time.
  4. Conversion limit to GUI display value only, not the underlying calculations. Have written US/UK aeronautics, confine unit preference to UI display only.
  5. Only if Ultimaker is putting me on their payroll. It's not rocket science. Perhaps they'll spring for an intern.
  6. Actually what I meant was in Cura, this could easily be coded in Cura, using user preference setting for display units. The inside code/calculations wouldn't need to change, just the numbers displayed to the user. You can email Microsoft with your idea for their calculator but I've not seen them receptive since 1992. Possibly with Apple on their heels though they may be more receptive these days, you never know. We're still using Imperial because the businesses said it'd cost too much to move to metric (tooling). Not unlike the current configuration of keyboards. They're configured to ma
  7. Yes, it is simple to code. The user preferred units are limited to unit conversions at the user interface only. if (user_pref == imperial) then display_val = changeToImperial(x) and if (user_pref == imperial) then get_val == changeToMM(x) As for export from the 3D model software as mm, the whole reason I found this thread is my exported mm model of a 7 inch object, from MeshMixer, is showing up as 7mm in Cura and I'm digging for answers as to why that is.
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