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  1. Hello, im selling 2 used Ultimaker2 with no upgrades, i have been using them for 1 year in my business and they work extremely well. Selling because im Buying New printers. Im from romania and i can ship anywhere in EU. They will come in original boxes and With SD cards. Asking price is 1000 euro for each plus shipping.
  2. im selling used um2 normal for 1000euro from romania.
  3. i would like to buy your um2 plus could you lower your price a little thou?
  4. I am very interested. im from romania f you will ship with a good price lets talk more
  5. Im selling my Um2 printer so i can upgrade . its in perfect working condition and has no faults. Was used . Comes with original box. Selling price 1200 Euro from romania. shipping varies.
  6. i didnt know it doesnt have a heated bed :(. so i dont think so. its a pain to print anything without it. i know had my heated bed broken a couple of times .
  7. i will honestly pay you more if you sell it to me. Im from romania. would you ship it?
  8. Im interested but im from Romania. Would you ship internationally ? Would you check the price, something cheaper .
  9. Well first of all im in Europe, Romania . Second is the printer working better with the upgrade? IS everything okay with it. If you could lower the price a little and if you can send overseas we can talk some more.
  10. Hello, im buying used ultimaker2, if its in good working conditions, please give me your price. Im from Europe .
  11. Selling UM2 , will sell anywhere in Europe, im in romania will ship anywhere. 1small problem, atm the pt100b sensor has a small crack right where it exists the nozzle , thus the heater error is present, that doesnt let it heat .Most likely has to be replaced (40 Pounds from um2 shop). 1200Pounds. 1400 euros
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