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  1. Doing something to get the blob to stick to the plate sounds like a good idea. I'll try these ideas. Unfortunately it does not solve the issue with PVA getting stuck all over the hot end and building up if I don't clean the head.
  2. I am having the same problems with the blob being too big (the squirting lasts too long), it getting stuck to the hot end, and being dragged over into the print. This happens every time I print using dual extruders and PVA in Extruder 2 of my Ultimaker 3. There really needs to be a setting for how long the blob squirt lasts. Another solution would be for the hot end to move up the entire time the blob is being created. Right now it only moves up at the end of the squirt.
  3. I found the cause of my problem. I needed to set the print core on extruder 2 to BB 0.4. It somehow got set to AA, which is wrong. Now I can slice and print.
  4. I am having the same problem with my new Ultimaker 3 and Cura 3.6. I'm using Ultimaker Silver PLA in extruder 1 and Natural PVA in extruder 2. Cura recognizes the Ultimaker 3 and detects that it has Extruder 1 and Extruder 2. Both materials are selected correctly in the Cura sidebar but there is a warning saying to "Check Compatability". These materials are valid in the chart on the Ultimaker website. I have a simple STL imported that is small and in the center of the build plate. I am using "Recommended" as my Print Setup. I've not been able to figure o
  5. Yeah same here Us too, and many other it would seem.
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