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  1. Just a guess, but seems like the set screws on those belt wheels (gears) on that axle are not tight. If they are tight, I think the axle should not move back and forth. I would gently move the print head away from the belt wheels zone til the belt wheels set screws are easily accessible and then tighten the screws on both belt wheels and see if that stops the sliding. Hope this helps! Mike
  2. That's pretty cool! Define 'absurdly high' with what nozzle. Thanks! Mike
  3. On my U2+ printer, I use a small bit of clear plumbing silicon grease on the filament holder spindle (get this from the hardware store/plumbing section). This makes the reel spin easily and the filament never pulls down between the other filament strings. (You could probably also use silicon spray on the spindle but the grease stays longer. I would spray the spindle with it detached from the printer). Hope this helps! Mike
  4. Thanks very much for the ideas! I ended up just building my own supports (which were similar to what the tree support was doing when there was just one object. They had a root which was mounted on an inside wall below the holes and 2 branches which supported the top of each hole). Worked great. Thanks again. Mike
  5. Thanks for the ideas! I tried spacing out the objects but this made no difference... with 2 or more objects, the external trees are generated. Just to be clear... I don't want trees that are external to the objects at all. I only want the small, internal trees that are present when there is only 1 object on the bed. If I have 2 or more objects on the bed... the external trees are generated. I think the answer is to make my own supports with little trees inside the object (like what Cura tree support creates when there is only 1 object present).
  6. When adding the second object... the external tree structure appears. (Would be nice to have the option to toggle the tree structure display in solid view prior to slicing the objects). Thanks! Mike
  7. Here's some images illustrating the problem better: A single object sliced produces only internal tree support for the holes (as desired). Multiply the object so that there are 6 objects instead of one... and a massive tree structure now appears adding time to the print where this structure is not needed. Any way to force NO external tree structure and only have the internal tree support (as in the single object)? Thanks! Mike
  8. Cura 3.2.0 I'm really liking the new tree support! (Had one project where just changing to tree support dropped a lot of time off the print time). But there some things I don't understand about it. I took object above and put it vertically on the print bed and printed several test prints. On each, the object printed fine and had little tree supports inside the tube near each set of holes (nothing... no tree supports outside the object). I pulled out the tree supports when done and all was well. Then when it came to the final print, I put 16 of these objects around
  9. Thanks for sharing these tips... greatly appreciated! Thanks again. Mike
  10. I also want them saved with the profile (as in the old Cura). I also would like the option to save them independantly. But having to re-enter these setups every time the profile is opened is absurd. Thanks! Mike
  11. Awesome Constitution model!! (and I see you must be a Wramblin Wreck as well! My dad went to GT and his naval retirement ceremony was on the deck of the Constitution on the 4th of July). Great work!
  12. Good to know! Yeah, my UPS is about 25 years old (but I've replaced the batteries twice and last time was just a couple of years ago). Thanks for the info and print updates!
  13. Bummer indeed... sorry to hear that. Very nice looking print there though! It will look fine when you splice it together. Hadn't really thought about the power outage issue as I haven't had that happen yet to a print. Was your UPS not able to keep the printer going or was the UM so sensitive to the spike that it killed the print? I've got a big UPS but don't currently have the UM2+ plugged into that... will rectify that when(if) my current print finishes.
  14. Very nice. Don't keep us in suspenders! Hurry up!... (and wait). (I wish I had 2 Ultimakers!).
  15. +1 I don't know how many times a day I am happily orbiting the 3D scene in my 3D app using my SpacePilot and then move the mouse over to the Cura window and reflexively torque on the SP knob expecting to orbit the print bed scene. Takes me a couple of torques for the brain to remember that don't work.
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