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  1. I like it but I just want to put a little...warning I guess and something to work on in later versions. I had my printer plugged into my PC because hey, it might be useful when I have to print a small thing. The thing is now that I was printing a big piece and about 12 hours in I wanted to look at something in Cura. For some stupid reason, Cura and my Ultimaker immediatly saw it as me wanting to print via USB and just completely stopped my current print. 12 hours and a nice amount of material down the drain. I really hope other people won't experience that.
  2. Have you tried re-levelling your bed? Just installing the upgrade itself should not change anything to the amount of adhesion you can achieve. It could be that your new printhead is of a different size then your previous one due to the Olsson Block. Are you still printing at 60ºC? If you upload a picture showing your first layer it could help us see if it is bed levelling, or maybe something else.. Good luck! I have the bed leveled and the bed heats to 60C. (i still had this picture of the first layer, i was curious about the little points on the brim but i forgot about it)
  3. since installing the extrusion kit on my U2, i've found that I have to add a nice layer of glue to my bed for pla to stick. I am trying multiple brands that I've seen pass by on here so no idea if it's the fault of that or my printer but it's certainly...weird.
  4. Oh don't worry, I'm aware of that, I just though I had already fixed that but apparently not. Labern's fancap also isn't really suitable in PLA, I'd guess?
  5. I have an ultimaker 2 and only use PLA. The PTFE coupler has been switched to times in between (not because they were bad, just to test if they were and if it might make any difference). Atomic pulls have been done more than enough times. I tried tightening the X/Y/ motors and changing the flow to 105%, but without any difference. Tried changing the temperature from 210 to 220 too but that caused a heater error so I'll have to look into that TOO. I like the Ollson block but dang.
  6. oh omg that's okay though, it might have been good to post my settings anyways.
  7. I haven't really changed any settings apart from layer height and supports of course but prints before were alright.
  8. (all of them in grey because it was easier to photograph than red) but yeah
  9. I really need to learn stuff like z-brush and 3dsmax because making organic shapes in Autodesk Inventor makes me want to rip my hair out.
  10. This is a prop that I made for someone. It's a Stone arrow from the manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo (it's neat) So I made this model and realised it for them.
  11. with the stuff I do it's completely necessary actually. i just use some primer and sanding to smooth it out and then use model paints if it's small and your average spray paint if it's big. like that
  12. I've had a for a while now that the walls of my prints don't touch and that the top/bottom layers are full of gaps. BUT I have also noticed that when I print the calibration test that comes standard with the ultimaker, it prints perfectly. The stuff I'm currently printing is pretty big so it moves around more. Would this mean I would have to toy around with the belts? Does it seem like the most logical problem here, becuase it does not seem like underextrusion (I get a nice little heap of material at the start of a print when it pre-extrudes before the priming and no layers that seem unde
  13. Well, the movie was actually completely build around them, they were the actual starting point when writing the movie. Neil Blompfkamp and die Antwoord have quite the relationship (the die Antwoord logo appearing in District 9 too.) And idk, I didn't have that problem at all and I hardly knew die Antwoord when I watched the movie first. Let's not...turn this into a movie discussion though I guess
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