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  1. Morning Ultimaker developers , I was using Cura Slicer 4.8.0 and I downloaded the new Cura Slicer 4.9.0 and started having problems printing . I tried several different setting as I thought I had made some changes by mistake. After 5 or 6 attempts I started to reach out to Youtube video sites & Ultimaker (I sent you a email) to see what was going on. I was trying to print items like the "Flexi Pterodectyl & Dragon". The flexi parts seem they were bonded together with other parts and was not able to flex, could not understand what was going on as I had printed flexi butterflys no
  2. I am using Cura and I am now having problems with my nozzle lifting up before it prints. My bed has auto level and everything is good, when I load a gcode the printer and start printing, it will lay down the line then it will lift up making it too high now. I thought it was my printer , so I loaded an older file , and it printed alright. Read something about the error in Cura issues. I am now not able to print anything that is sliced in Cura, is there a fix for this or do we go back several revisions. Thanks
  3. I am printing 3d plane parts / fuselage parts and I am getting alot of thin areas with pin holes. I am using ESUN PLA+ , temp is 220 nozzle , bed 60 Layer height: .25 Shell: wall line count 1 Cooling : enabled Fan speed : 30 220 nozzle temp , bed : 60. Infill : 0 Print speed: 50 Travel : enabled retraction Mesh Fixes: union overlapping volumes (checked) Special Modes: Surface mode normal
  4. I have been using Cura 4.8.0 and it has been working good on files from Thingiverse, however now when I work up a file and go to print my nozzle height has changed to a higher level. What settings do I check to see why now my nozzle is higher than before when all other files have printed. Thanks
  5. I worked up a file to print from Cura, went and ran a different file and now my nozzle is too high from table. What would change that from the last file? Thanks
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