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  1. I also had this problem... but a windows update that I did today actually fixed it. There was nothing suspicious in the logs and also my gfx card drivers were updated. Previously Cura also worked... so it was really the windows update.
  2. Ok. What kind of printer did you choose? Custom FDM printer?
  3. I mean, folding in the categories like "Shell" and "Infill", then adjust some setting. It is useful to know if it impacts the responsiveness. I've tested it on some machines, but I haven't seen the slowliness myself yet.
  4. Does it matter if you fold the settings in?
  5. I think indeed the new Cura Connect will be perfect for this situation. Prepare all the prints and send them all together to the printer. Then you only have to pick up the prints between prints. And on top it tells the time of the expected finish :-)
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