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  1. Different colors from the same manufacturer most definitely often require different settings. I've found the more clear/glass filaments tend to require more retraction.
  2. Good luck. I came here searching for the same answer. I'm honestly not too impressed with Makergeeks Maker Series PLA. The Black HD Glass filament was a giant pain in the butt and was string city. I am testing a Makergeeks silver at 6.5mm at 45mm/s retraction, and it still hasn't improved much.
  3. Pretty cool. I like the concept. I don't like the loss in Y printing space though. Any idea why Ultimaker chose not to include dual extrusion out-of-the-box for the UM2+ ?
  4. So ehh... Any chance of printing to UM2+ over USB ? Edit: While actually choosing UM2+ as the printer and not a custom FDM printer.
  5. Like many of you, I'm waiting to see more of these upgrade kits out in the wild. I love the idea of dual extruding on my UM2+, but if it requires a priming/wipe tower to do every dual print, I can't say I'm happy with that. I've seen a CTC Bizer Dual Extruder machine at work, and there was no requirement for any kind of tower. Granted, that was on the dual extrusion hazard cone model, so perhaps it didn't require it. Anyway, would love to see some more samples of this in action and even a detailed video walkthrough of installation. I'll be patiently waiting.
  6. I moved that part and then another part started doing the same thing.
  7. Could you please detail how, in Cura 2.1.2 that you can accomplish this ? I too, often do quick test prints that last only a few minutes, and I don't want to swap the SD card for every print.
  8. Thanks, I saved this as a profile and will test it... I did too. Will try.
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