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  1. Here's my first blog post about the hot ends: https://burdickjp.gitlab.io/2019/05/14/dxu-1.html Verdict: I think I've found an easy way to run 2.85 mm filament.
  2. My parts came in. They look really good! I'll take measurements, put together some solid models, and write up a description sometime this week.
  3. My 1.75 mm parts are on the way from alibaba. I'll report back when I've had a chance to investigate them.
  4. I went looking for a version of the hardware for 2.85 mm filament and had trouble. I'm going to order the 1.75 mm hardware on ali and see what I can make or modify for 2.85 mm filament.
  5. If the short bearings are wearing then something is wrong. The Ultimaker 3 uses a short bearing on the Y axis rod and lasts a long while. Maybe alignment isn't sufficient and it's wearing because of misalignment?
  6. I'm thoroughly interested in doing this. I thought about designing and making the PCB necessary, but couldn't find the correct pogo pins. Care to share?
  7. I am interested in helping with this project. I'd like to design and manufacture the heat break parts to suit both 1.75 and 2.85 mm filament. I should be able to make them compatible with Olsen and 3D Solex blocks.
  8. Best that I can tell, it seems there are a few different fits for this form factor of bearing. I'm guessing robotdigg has chosen a part with the wrong fit for this application. I checked the rods that I ordered and they're supposed to be a g6 fit, which means they're supposed to be 7.986-7.995 mm in diameter. I guess I could chuck the shafts in the lathe and polish them down just where the bearing will be fitted, like you suggest. I'd much rather find a better fit bearing and shaft combination, though. I don't think these should have much interference at all, just enough that there is no radial play in the shaft.
  9. I purchased F688ZZ bearings from robotdigg and 8 mm shafts from Misumi. The shafts are 7.998 mm in diameter and the F688ZZ bearings are less than 7.98 mm inside diameter. Those seem to be too tight of a press fit for the application. What have other people's experiences been? I'm looking at buying bearings from Misumi, but don't see ID tolerances anywhere to know if they're going to be a better fit or not.
  10. I saw that you changed your git repo name to something about an E3D lite6. Are you using a 5V fan for the hot end fan on an E3D hotend?
  11. That looks good. I'll try it this evening and report back. Thank you very much for your help.
  12. For the most part, yes, that brings in 99% of the functionality. The only thing I've found to be different is that the UM2 board uses a pin which isn't used in the arduino for the hot end fan. To use it you have to address it directly, which Marlin isn't configured to do. nullsibnelf has shared the necessary code in a git repo:
  13. If you have some patience I can walk you through how to do a fork, git, etc.
  14. Can you please post a fork of the codebase? I am getting errors and am not yet familiar enough with the Marlin codebase (or C for that matter) to understand what exactly I'm doing wrong.
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