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  1. Received my "glass", looks very good. First print looks fine, no issues so far. Cost 40€ including shipping.
  2. I was only joking of course I have no idea about the quality, just thought it was interesting that they had it. Also they are not really cheaper there.
  3. I actually found a place where I can order them online here in Denmark, but not sure if its the right stuff yet (its cheaper than what I have to pay for the original glass here) Also.. I found a certain aliexpress store that sells ceramic glass for um2, I wonder if they are reading this forum, maybe neotko is running it
  4. Yea, costs only a little more than the original glass
  5. I tried to get a neoceram plate locally, but no luck :( But i found this instead, available everywhere with builtin light and heat
  6. Yea, was planning on using a 9g servo, easy enough to control from marlin. My x/y rods are reversed though (um2 style). I was having problems figuring out how to "lock" it at each position (servos are really not very accurate), never thought of using magnets
  7. Nice, I have been trying to make something like this as well, but didn't get very far.
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