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  1. Good - since of course Cura should be tested and run on the second and third newest Mac OS version too. Fancy graphical features on the layer preview cannot be more important than working reliably on more than the newest MacOS version. Since a lot of software manufactures have issues on different platform versions, you cannot ask customers to upgrade and only use the latest version of an OS. I suppose you don't only support the very newest build of Windows 10 either.
  2. Sorry - think I misunderstood 3dnerd's comment. Your work is greatly appreciated. The frustration was directed at Ultimaker - waiting for so long to get decent performance and then they seem to have broken it again. So my apologies. /Hoegge
  3. Dear Ultimaker, The change is simply too big. You have introduced more new elements creating issues than fixing old issues. I'm sure you have GUI / UX people who likes to "make a difference" - but they should be more focused making improvements and less on making a personal footprint / statement. Some of us are stuck with Cura because we bought an Ultimaker. It would have been much better to work on getting e.g. three-support to work properly, increasing slicing speed (e.g. only reslice changed parts), fix the super-slow multiplication of parts, fix the sub-standard part placement algorithm, fix the constantly breaking network connectivity issues (might have been fixed in latest FW have not checked yet), improve / introduce free support placing and so on, than smearing new make-up on.
  4. The new UI is not an improvement. The settings (which is most of the work you do in a slicer) are not there by default, and when the are enabled they take up quite a bit more room than before. What is the point of covering so much of the screen - then you actually have less room for your design. Of course you can make a "cleaner" interface by removing all the necessary functionality. The new UI is not cleaner - it is more messy - it just looks cleaner initially when it is useless. A normal workflow requires you to iteratively adjust settings while looking at the slicing result.
  5. Not sure why this is so great work. The speed issue has been around for long and seems to be finally fixed in Cura 3.6 and then it is already f..... up again in version 4.0 without testing on Macs that are not brand new running High Sierra? It took almost a year to get Cura back up to a usable state / speed. Come on - how can software be released in that state?
  6. Well - it does not seem like it is fixed yet, right? Any news. Also the "latest" item in the menu of the printer does not show the latest print but is stuck at a prior print.
  7. Well - would be nice if Ultimaker ever read some of this and answered. All the pointless moves are still not really explained
  8. Why do I have to wait for that all the time? Just changed print core. Apparently the machine though it had filament in (and asked when filament got out of printer). I changed from an AA core to a BB core - i.e., there IS no material in the core otherwise I could not change. And the PLA that once was in the printcore would of course not be used with a BB printcore for PVA. So - stupid it thinks is has material and stupid that I have to wait minute after minute for it to cool down when I just want to move on and add material to the core, where I have to wait for it to heat the printcore. Come on. Everything is so much faster on my cheap Chinese printer.
  9. Today I wanted to use PVA in core 2. So chose "Load material", then I added PVA to the spool holder and the printer said "not compatible" with AA 0.4 - doh. Yes forgot to change before. But there is no way out of that menu? I did not want to insert a compatible material since I wanted to use PVA. So I wanted to cancel the material change, change core and then load material. There is no cancel button. Please, there should not be any "dead ends" in the interface you cannot get out of. Can you fix that or IS there a way? /Morten
  10. Any news on fixing / improving this?
  11. Well - since the resellers cannot fix bugs in firmware or Cura, I suppose they cannot help much with that. Or do they have a way to forward and report firmware or Cura bugs?
  12. Why doesn't any Ultimaker people respond here? It is an expensive semi-pro printer - what about support?
  13. When the printer (Ultimaker 3 extended) starts, it performs a lot of pointless / meaningless moves 1) It calibrates both print heads (bed leveling) even if there is no filament in one of them and if one of them is not used in the print (which it can read from the file). 2) After calibration it moves the print heads to the middle of the bed and moves the bed down while heating it. It should actually heat the bed BEFORE calibration which might be one of the reasons the bed leveling is often not accurate 3) Then it moves the bed up again and the print head to the mid right position on the bed before it moves it to the front left corner - why? 4) And then it makes a pooh in the front left corner, that often is dragged with the print head to the middle of the bed. Why not make a line like anyone else?
  14. Same issue here on the iPhone app. Would be nice with a solution. Monitoring is not worth much if it does not show the right job. Why should it be necessary to reset connection if the app and the printer communicates? As you can see on the two screenshots the app shows some old info
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