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  1. hoegge

    Cura connect shows wrong print job info

    Well - it does not seem like it is fixed yet, right? Any news. Also the "latest" item in the menu of the printer does not show the latest print but is stuck at a prior print.
  2. hoegge

    Why so many pointless moves? (UM3e)

    Well - would be nice if Ultimaker ever read some of this and answered. All the pointless moves are still not really explained
  3. Why do I have to wait for that all the time? Just changed print core. Apparently the machine though it had filament in (and asked when filament got out of printer). I changed from an AA core to a BB core - i.e., there IS no material in the core otherwise I could not change. And the PLA that once was in the printcore would of course not be used with a BB printcore for PVA. So - stupid it thinks is has material and stupid that I have to wait minute after minute for it to cool down when I just want to move on and add material to the core, where I have to wait for it to heat the printcore. Come on. Everything is so much faster on my cheap Chinese printer.
  4. Today I wanted to use PVA in core 2. So chose "Load material", then I added PVA to the spool holder and the printer said "not compatible" with AA 0.4 - doh. Yes forgot to change before. But there is no way out of that menu? I did not want to insert a compatible material since I wanted to use PVA. So I wanted to cancel the material change, change core and then load material. There is no cancel button. Please, there should not be any "dead ends" in the interface you cannot get out of. Can you fix that or IS there a way? /Morten
  5. hoegge

    Please: Make rotation work (right)

    Any news on fixing / improving this?
  6. hoegge

    Cura connect shows wrong print job info

    Well - since the resellers cannot fix bugs in firmware or Cura, I suppose they cannot help much with that. Or do they have a way to forward and report firmware or Cura bugs?
  7. hoegge

    Cura connect shows wrong print job info

    Why doesn't any Ultimaker people respond here? It is an expensive semi-pro printer - what about support?
  8. When the printer (Ultimaker 3 extended) starts, it performs a lot of pointless / meaningless moves 1) It calibrates both print heads (bed leveling) even if there is no filament in one of them and if one of them is not used in the print (which it can read from the file). 2) After calibration it moves the print heads to the middle of the bed and moves the bed down while heating it. It should actually heat the bed BEFORE calibration which might be one of the reasons the bed leveling is often not accurate 3) Then it moves the bed up again and the print head to the mid right position on the bed before it moves it to the front left corner - why? 4) And then it makes a pooh in the front left corner, that often is dragged with the print head to the middle of the bed. Why not make a line like anyone else?
  9. hoegge

    Cura connect shows wrong print job info

    Same issue here on the iPhone app. Would be nice with a solution. Monitoring is not worth much if it does not show the right job. Why should it be necessary to reset connection if the app and the printer communicates? As you can see on the two screenshots the app shows some old info
  10. hoegge

    Please: Make rotation work (right)

    Well, the 3D navigation still should get a major overhaul. It is very primitive, clumsy and slow
  11. yes, confirm / ignore or <return / confirm buttons
  12. The UM3e seems to make a lot of useless moves. E.g. it always changes back to have the second extruder in the active position. That means before each change of filament in extruder one it has to activate extruder one, then change the filament and then it changes back to extruder 2 in the active position, which it then has to change again before printing? Also it lowers the build plate when it is heating and then it raises the heat bed again before printing? Why?? And after a print it lowers the build plate, so you cannot see the result of your print when you log in with your web browser. Why not just lower the plate when I want to take my result out of the printer? And in general it just seems like the machine does a lot of useless motions.
  13. There is - it might be marginally faster but still all to slow in layer preview. What logs / things do you need? I have posted videos and measurements before without any real feedback. What do you need?
  14. Also when selecting items in lower horizontal menus, wrap around is totally not useful only making it harder to use
  15. Maybe a bit faster but still way too slow

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