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  1. Found out how this can be done! I made a quick video to show the process: Found the solution in this topic.
  2. Found out how this can be done! I made a quick video to show the process: Found the solution in this topic.
  3. With the modifier block selected just click the other extruder on the bottom left. Don't forget to uncheck "Infill only" in the modifier settings. I made a quick video of the process:
  4. Holy shit been looking for this for ages! Thanks!
  5. Plus 1. Would really like this feature as well.
  6. Found a "Reset Cura Connect" option in the maintenance menu of the UM3 which solved the problem.
  7. Hi all! Since a while, my Cura Connect web page shows an old print job. It says I have to clear the platform for that job, even though another job is currently running. The queue shows up correct though. In the screenshots: UM guitar thing is NOT currently printing or the last print or anything. I printed that thing over a week ago. The printer is currently printing another job (via print over network from cura). In the cura screenshot you can see the job that is actually printing. The queued job is correct though. The printer has been turned off
  8. Of course that's an option, but nevertheless, if the active leveling would be improved like suggested, I would still prefer it. It was one of the reasons to upgrade from UM2+ to UM3 actually.
  9. Hi, When I use active leveling, my first layer is printed to close to the bed. This results in a very wide layer (~ 150%) which gives a sharp edge on the bottom of my prints which I need to remove manually if tolerances are important . I can imagine the active leveling process is perfectly capable of measuring the difference between multiple locations as a relative value, but it seems to me the absolute height might need some calibration options. Ultimaker support told me there is no such possibility, other than switching to manual leveling, but imho that's not a solution to the problem. I
  10. Hi! I'd like to have the option to use a naming template for gcode files. The automatic naming does always put UM3 in the beginning, but I only have a UM3 so that's not the most useful info for me. Further, it only keeps the name of the first file that was loaded in that session. If you quickly prepare many prints, you'll have to change the name manually. Now usually I name them something like: 0130 wh 100 nameofstl.gcode -> 01:30 print time, white, 100micron 0340 red pva hinge.gcode -> 03:40 print time, red PLA + PVA 0440 red black frog.gcode -> dual extrusion red + black This
  11. I just found this in the changes for Cura 2.4 Beta: Improved PLA-PVA layer adhesion The PVA jerk and acceleration have been optimized to improve the layer adhesion between PVA and PLA. I might need to give it another try
  12. Well since nobody seems to have experience with this, I'll share my own The PVA supports stick very poorly to the PLA 'base' of the supports. In my case this resulted in loose PVA material contaminating the print. I stopped the print at that point, but I doubt if the supports would have worked at all. I forgot to take a picture, but thus far this seems not successful.
  13. Hi, I recently bought a UM3 as successor for my UM2+. Wow! Using PVA for supports, the results are amazing! PVA is pretty expensive though, and I found the settings to use a different extruder for the support infill. I figured I best change the settings of the PLA to the settings when using full PVA supports (triangle pattern with 30% infill and z distance 0. In theory, in this case only where the supports touch the model, a roof of PVA will be built upon the PLA base structure of the supports. This would save an amazing amount of PVA. Does anyone have experience with this combined suppo
  14. Disabling combing is not a real option I think. Since retractions always leave marks on your print, I always want to avoid them. I installed Cura 2.3, and indeed I get good results, although I do not understand all of its behavior. Retraction = yes Z-hop = 1mm Avoid printed parts Combing = no skin This gives me the result I want, but it disables combing for more than just the first layer. I think it disables combing on all the solid bottom layers maybe, while just disabling combing on the first layer should be enough. Anyhow, thanks for your help
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