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  1. thanks for the assistance! I have received some new fans and will get them installed. Will let you know the results once completed.
  2. Hoping someone has run into this problem. Ultimaker 3 prints brim fine and then as soon as it goes to print the actual piece underextrusion happens. Photos attached. Just so we can rule out a few things. -new bowden tubes -new bondtech extruders as I thought this was the issue, the original ones were getting quite old since the machine has been used a lot. -new 0.25AA cores, same thing happens on AA0.4 core as well Using standard profiles for different core types, the only thing I really change is infill up to 25%. Played around with temperatures but it doesn't really make a difference. When I pulled out the material it is different from a normal material unload where it gets caught in the printhead and will not unload. There is a bulbous section that travels up 40mm from the end of the material. Photo attached for reference. photo attached with thin lines is with 0.25 core photo attached with more of a solid look to it 0.4 core I think there must be an issue with the printhead somewhere. Maybe some sort of heating issue. logs attached If anyone can assist it would be greatly appreciated. Peter ultimakersystem-ccbdd3000259.5.3.0.boot-7.log.zip
  3. Thanks for the comments, purely trial and error, just working out the best settings for the machine resolution and what details I am trying to capture.
  4. After some trial and error with sizes I think I have come up with what works best for me with building details on the UM3. Attached a couple photos of before and after to show the end result. For vertical extrusions out from the face of the building I use 0.6mm width due to my nozzle size, for internal thin cuts that indent into the model I use 0.4mm width and for horizontal indentations and extrusions I use a height of 0.2mm. Windows I usually cut in 0.5mm with a 0.6mm offset to show the window frames when possible and for the thin elements I extrude or cut in 0.2mm just to show the facade panels details, this 0.2mm just shows enough of a detail to make it readable. Sometimes in the models I can't show all the horizontal elements due to the 0.6mm size but am able to capture enough detail for a solid representation of the facade. This model was in 1:500 scale and took a solid 3 days to print. I am using Form Futura atlas support in a polybox, which has never given me any issues and standard Ultimaker PVA settings. The balconies and verandah were printed separately. Hope this all makes sense. If anyone out there has any tweaks so I can add more detail, I would love to hear it.
  5. Version 1.0


    First real test of a large print time, 36 hours using PLA/PVA support material. I come across alot of balconies and overhangs in my work so hoping the UM3 does all it is supposed to do. So far so good. Only issue is my prime tower keeps falling down. I used a brim which helped for a bit but then failed, thank goodness it didn't affect the final result.
  6. I am also running windows 10 with cura 2.6.2 installed and it will save to removable drive once and then if you want to do it again it will not recognize there is a removable drive available. Once you restart Cura it will again recognize the removable drive to save once. Any help would be appreciated.
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