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  1. Just to illustrate the difference 2 additional top layers and a turning on the cooling fans can make on an ABS print. Both were printed using simplify 3D, Default ABS settings with a .1mm layer height. the first had massive pillowing to the top surfaces... I added two additional layers and turned the fans on to 30% once the top surfaces started printing. As you can see it made a huge difference in surface quality.
  2. Im using the default settings in S3D on my UM2 using ABS and I can tell you that it is going to require a little tweaking on my end to get it to print how i want. as it stands, I am getting a lot of pillowing on my solid layers. Trying to add more layers and turning the fans on to 30% power when the solid layers begin to print. My first attempt with the new settings seemed to be successful, but then when trying to duplicate it, the pillowing resurfaced on the next print... not at all as bad as the initial one but still requiring some tweaking.
  3. Purchased Simplify3D yesterday to give it a try as it has a 2 week refund period. So far my test print of one of those marv things came out pretty smooth... it did seem to have some problems with bridging between the legs but I just used the default settings before I start tweaking it. So far though I think this slicer is a bit better... but only time will tell. My second print using the S3D software resulted in a fair amount of pillowing on the top surfaces. Its set to 30% infill already so I don't think its an infill issue because that should be enough in my experience but I do know that th
  4. Ordered a 12x12 sheet of 1/8" thick acrylic so I can build myself a front door. Not sure if I need to do anything for the top as it was never an issue for my zortrax printing ABS and when it was I just used the bag method. Aside from trying to prevent temperature fluctuations what other tweaks do you think I should try making? Like I said I might buy that Simplify3D as well.. Ive heard it works better than cura and that supports come off easier as well. Its a hefty price tag though for something without a trial.
  5. Really? That means, it is a used one, right? How many printing hours does it show on the "Runtime stats" menu? Does it have an enclosure or at least a front door? While not strictly necessary it's highly recommended for ABS prints. From your pictures i would say: it's either (partially) underextrusion, poor layer bonding (because of the fans or too low temperature) or temperature fluctuations. yes it is used, but based on the stats it wasn't used much at all and I was able to talk the guy down to a measly $200(which was a steal for this machine) so although in the realm of too good to be
  6. Maybe I should try Simplify3d and see if that slicer helps produce better prints?
  7. Just for a basis of comparison, I printed the bottom half of this mask using my zortrax m200 and this is how it came out at a .14 layer height, which is more than satisfactory.
  8. Here are images from my UM2. As you can see, the vertical surfaces seem semi staggered. its not a smooth print. I have the print set to a layer height of .1, but it doesn't seem to be printing like a high resolution print.
  9. I barely purchased my UM2 and am printing my first ABS print. I used default settings for ABS that were pre-set in the UM2 and the default settings via cura, except I customized the support settings, which should be non-related to the issue and I am printing with a raft. The layer height selected was FINE .1 default settings had the print speed at 50mm ABS used is IC3D. used glue on the glass and no warping so far, so that is not an issue at this time. bed has been leveled prior to print so that should not be an issue. Ive tried tweaking the settings mid print, and brought the nozzle te
  10. New to this machine and although not disappointed in cura I wanted to try simplify3d. Would anyone be able to provide a download link to their UM2 profile? Or give tips on settings?
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