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  1. Hi everyone, I bought 2.85mm PLA filament (Brazilian brand), and after printing for hours, everything is going well, but I noticed that during printing the nozzle was printing in the air, far from the piece and no filament extruding. Immediately I stopped printing, I tried to do the normal filament removal procedure, but the filament got stuck. I also tried the printer's Move function, but still the filament got stuck. So I opened Feeder and the filament was "choking" inside. I removed the filament and I did the complete feeder cleaning and also printer maintenance. As you can see
  2. Hi everyone, Could someone please help me with Ultimaker 2+ Extended settings? I installed Prusa Slicer 2.1.0 and IdeaMaker 3.4.2 on the computer. I don't know specific settings related to Ultimaker 2+ Extended so I can correctly fill in and configure the required fields within both Slicers Prusa Slicer and IdeaMaker. In the attached images you can see what I was able to fill in, but probably something must be wrong. I tried printing using PrusaSlicer with these settings at the image settings, and I had problems. Please, anyone who has or understands the settings of Ultimaker 2
  3. Since I'm not an advanced user, and the flavor of Ultimaker 2+ is Ultimaker 2, so start Gcode is not shown, so I don't have access to the line of code that extrudes the filament. While turning off filament extrusion would help solve the problem, this could create another by not extruding some material before printing. Using Skirt could also be a solution to help alleviate the problem of the print area getting a mess. But that wouldn't solve Nozzle's problem being completely dirty and clogged or some other kind of problem and causing the first layer of printing to be affected. Fortunately
  4. I did the firmware update on September 5th. But after I removed ultimakerCura 4.2.1 and I installed ultimakerCura 4.3 is that I had the same behavior as yours. Everything you described in your post happened to me, nozzle extrudes a large amount of filament at the edge and quickly nozzle dives into that extruded filament, then nozzle drags some or all of this filament into the print area. Because I used Brim, it helps me to have a certain barrier, but the nozzle when it goes over makes a noise and the next inner lines of that point get bad. If I didn't use Brim, surely my first layer would
  5. Hi, For Ultimaker 2+ Extended, I installed the latest version of ultimakerCura 4.3 and I saw something weird about Machine Settings, specifically PrintHead Settings. In the picture you can see that the left image is UltimakerCura 4.2.1 and the values for Xmin and Ymin are positive numbers respectively 44mm and 34mm. In the right image is the version of ultimakerCura 4.3 and the values for Xmin and Ymin are negative numbers respectively -44mm and -34mm. I didn't change any values, just did a fresh install of Cura4.3, deleting the previous version 4.21, but keeping my settings. I don't know
  6. Sorry, I thought you also had Ultimaker 2+. Thank you very much for your orientation and indication of the 1.75mm kit! I will get more information about this kit! If anyone has used this kit on Ultimaker 2+, please share if everything is working out or if you had any problems. Thanks.
  7. Great news then! I was already giving up trying to figure out a way for Ultimaker 2 "+ extended to accept 1.75mm filaments. If for some reason you want to revert back to 2.85mm would it be possible and easy to do?
  8. @johnse Thank you for letting me know that there is another hope. Have you used this kit or do you still use this kit on your ultimaker 2 +?
  9. Hi @chuck-yanke Thank you so much for sharing this information. Have you used this place's kit on ultimaker 2+? If so, did the 1.75mm kit work without problems? If you could share more information it would be great! Thanks again for the info.
  10. @tinkergnome thank you to answer me... I was referring to the Ultimakers printers (because I have the Ultimaker 2+ extended). All Ultimaker printers are already configured in a way that works perfectly as soon as you turn on the printer. The latest Ultimaker printers, as you said, are already configured with another Flavor and ready to use without the user having to think about GCodes. So I thought it might have something similar for 3d printers like my Ultimaker 2+ Extended. Because of my need to constantly change the specific settings in ultimaker Cura for my detailed statues-orient
  11. So I will not do that. The support from which I purchased the printer told me that I could use 1.75mm filaments just by tightening the Feeder tension until I felt that Feeder would pick up the filament without problems. They showed me a picture of a person tightening the Feeder screw. Process similar to the link I put in the previous post. They didn't tell me about the serious problems you just told me. @SmithyThank you so much for letting me know.
  12. @johnse I confused myself a while ago. For lack of experience, I thought 2.85mm filaments and 3.00mm filaments were the same thing. I thought people referred to 2.85mm or 3.00mm as if they were the same thing, just a way of expressing themselves. But of course after much research, I realized that the filaments were completely different. Last week I was able to buy from 2.85mm filaments and I ordered a 1.75mm filament sample. That way, I'll try to test the ultimaker 2+ extended without physically changing anything on the printer. I'm not sure it will work, otherwise we would have already
  13. I'm so sorry this happened to you. 😞 I was thinking of doing the same things you did. In one of my searches, I went to the 3dsolex website, just where you bought your kit. Before I physically made any changes to ultimaker 2+ extended, I thought about testing the Feeder tensioning technique the same way that this person did. https://learn.adafruit.com/using-1-dot-75mm-filament-on-ultimaker-2/overview For me it's a case of utmost importance and need to make Ultimaker 2+ Extended use 1.75mm filaments. Because here I only find 1.75mm filaments. And importing 2.85mm filaments would be very
  14. Hi @tinkergnome Thank you so much for clarifying questions that I consider very important for understanding things here. You're absolutely right. At that time there were not so many specific and advanced settings within Slicer. It was certainly a clever idea at the time. Simplifying the user's life. I have a question for you. These days, for users of Ultimaker 2+ or 3d printers using Ultimaker 2 (Ultigcode) flavor, there would be a possibility of not using it anymore. And can it go the same way or shape as the latest 3d printer models? I say this because Slicers' technology is
  15. 1) Would there be a problem if in ultimaker Cura, I add a new printer (ultimaker 2+ extended) with Flavor Marlin separately and I leave the other configuration of Flavor Ultimaker 2? 2) If I have no problem with this kind of setting I made, I would like to know if there would be any problems regarding future firmware updates? I know it's the same Ultimaker 2+ extended 3d printer, so I guess I wouldn't have any problems, just choose any of the printers and upgrade normally on ultimaker Cura... but I'd just like to confirm that I wouldn't have no kind of conflict. Thank you
  16. Hi @tinkergnome Thanks for sharing your knowledge and clarifying some things. I understand that this was thinking of having several advantages and especially the ease for users who want to plug in Scard and print something with quality and without problems. That's great! But on the other hand, when you need a little more control over 3d printing this limitation or automation turns out to be a big wall for the user who would need to set something a little more elaborate than for example a single temperature for all layers. I have been trying to read and inform myself h
  17. I was starting to think about it. 😞 It would be nice to be able to see which layer Ultinaker 2+ is currently printing. But it's alright! Thanks again for clarifying things! Only tomorrow, I will start testing Flavor Marlin. I will try to expose my progress here with Flavor Marlin so that everyone can see and give their opinions. Thanks
  18. @Smithy You don't know how you are helping me with your answers! I really appreciate it! 🙂 I will try the ones you posted! Thank you very much! I don't know if you could answer me, but I think it might have to do with Flavor. In the Extensions / Post Processing / Modify GCode menu there is a plugin called Display filename and Layer on LCD. I tried using this plugin on flavor Ultimaker 2, but it didn't work. The name I set and the layer on the Ultimaker 2+ LCD didn't appear. So, I opened GCode and I saw that there is code coming from this plugin: ; LAYER: 0 M117 test layer 0 But when I am
  19. @Smithy Thanks for posting the code that appeared to you. Would this code work perfectly on Ultimaker2 +? 1) If I change GCode Flavor from Ultimaker2 to Marlin, what would it be like regarding the Ultimaker 2+ Firmware update? Last week, I updated the Ultimaker 2+ firmware through ultimakerCura. If I switch to Marlin, can I continue to update the firmware normally through ultimakerCura or do I have to do something else? - Another question, switching to Marlin, do I have to immediately update the firmware again? 2) Yesterday I did a little test with Ultimaker 2+ (using GCode
  20. @Smithy I am using Cura4.2.1 and I switched Flavor to Marlin and no Start or End GCode appeared. I have attached an image that you can see that Cura has not entered any code at this time. I'm a little lost right now. 😞
  21. To be honest with you, since (2017) then I had kept the printer because there were so many particular problems in which I could not use the printer. Only 2 weeks ago I did open the printer and I started using the printer (as new. I know its crazy!). It may seem very strange after years, but things have unfortunately been that way with me. So you can be sure that I am a beginner, however I am trying to learn all I can by myself. I'm a beginner and sometimes I have such basic questions that I'm ashamed to ask. I really appreciate everything you've been telling me because it's really helping me
  22. @Smithy One strange thing that happened when I went to manually check on the Ultimaker 2+ printer was that not only the temperatures, but also the Retraction Distance and probably the Retraction Speed of the Material that I set in Manage Materials (flavor Ultimaker 2) were not used. Now, I know that I have to manually choose Materials on the Ultimaker 2+ printer (using Ultimaker 2 flavor). Of course there are advantages to this process, but on the other hand, it complicates a bit (especially for beginners) who think they are defining and having full control of the settings and not really.
  23. @Smithy Thank you! I already thank you very much for everything. Let me ask you something. Using Flavor Ultimaker2, When I create new material in Manage Material in ultimakerCura, I choose this material that I defined in Cura, and I do Slice saving in S-Card. How do I get the Ultimaker 2+ printer to see and use my material that I created and defined in Cura? I ask for a user who has Ultimaker 2+ and is using Flavor Marlin, please help me with Start and End GCodes ...
  24. @Smithy Your explanation was fantastic. Thank you very much! Now, I am beginning to understand better how things work here. At the moment, I am only using PLA (but there are different manufacturers and types), but in the future I may use other materials. There are prints that are specific as decoration statues (characters, creatures, animals and etc) that you to get the best print quality you need to change initial temperatures of the first layers, distance retraction, speed retraction and other specific functions. I was not getting precise control with Flavor Ultimaker 2. I always
  25. @Smithy Thanks for answering me! So does it mean that when I create or duplicate an existing material in Manager Material, the function values will not be included in G-Code when I make Slice to save to S-Card? Does this mean that I will always have to manually configure the retraction distance, retraction speed, nozzle temperature, etc. on the Ultinaker 2+? All these settings, will I have to change quickly while in the Ultimaker display the Loading Bar is still loading before printing starts? That would be bad. I thought that what I did in Manage Material would automatically be
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