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  1. *** I figured it out and I'll post photos - just wiggled it until the tabs came out but a very tight fit *** I had the ER18 error on my Ultimaker 3 Extended and after reseating the cable a couple of times I managed to break the tab on the cable connector itself at the print head end. Reseating would only clear the error for a while and a long print would error out in the middle eventually so I've ordered and received a new print head cable and I'm trying to figure out how to get the long cable cover removed, the cover that runs from the inside top of the printer to the bottom. I see you mention it is held on with push fit tabs - so no screws and its just a matter of wiggling it until it comes out? Trying not to break anything. If you have a video or photo of this procedure that would be great - or, a few words of advise. Thanks Larry
  2. Thanks! Big zip locks and desiccant bags and a new reel of Ultimaker PVA is on the way. Will try to get this core cleaned and try again - will try your needle method. @fbrc8-eri, any reason to change the default Cura PVA settings? -Larry
  3. Thank you for the reply! This PVA has been open for approximately eight months. It feels pretty bendy but I can’t remember what it was like when it was new, it’s the only reel of PVA I’ve had so don’t have enough experience to see something about it has changed except for its performance when printing which deteriorated several weeks later. Here is a video showing the PVA elasticity https://youtu.be/tBJSi_Txuxk the PVA is stored in the original ultimaker cardboard box in my basement along with the printer and other filament. I’m aware that humidity and temperature affect the material so I need to read up on how to control this - I think some are using big Rubbermaid comtainers. I could put up a temp and humidity sensor. ive have cleaned the BB print core once before with Ultimaker cleaning filament and this procedure as documented by ultimaker went well with a few hot and cold pulls it started extruding PVA again until print after next. Using the same cleaning filament and procedure I can not unclog the print head and the nozzle is completely occluded with carbonized material. I don’t want to use a file as this might damage the nozzle. Is there a solvent I should use? thanks for the info on nozzle replacement. I’ve read that it’s not recommended to disassemble the core but didn’t know this included the nozzle- will work on cleaning it somehow. -Larry
  4. Thanks for the reply Eric. Your photo looks similar to what I've been able to print with PVA when it was still printing PVA at all. Very little material at all and really not supporting anything. Anyone else with PVA results to share? Also, Is this the correct nozzle replacement for UM3 AA 0.4 print core? Unless I change something I expect I'll just foul another nozzle. https://www.amazon.de/Zubehör-Drucker-Ultimaker-Düse-messing/dp/B074W7LBSY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1527025825&sr=8-1&keywords=ultimaker+nozzle Thanks -Larry
  5. Did I post this in the wrong section or maybe I wasn't accurate enough in my request. Help anyone?
  6. I have a fairly new UM3E and the only issue I'm currently having is that printing PVA supports is not working well. I'm only using Ultimaker filament and I've only printed from the same reel of PVA on the BB core. After printing Benchy and a couple of other prints, the PVA printing from print core 2 - the BB 0.4 (extruder #2) that came with the printer, has stopped extruding material. The first time this happened I followed the printer cleaning directions from Ultimaker using Ultimaker cleaning filament. I removed a lot of black carbonized gunk and was able to get the PVA to extrude a little. On my last print I noticed that the PVA filament had broken near the extruder. After more cleaning and no PVA extruding from the BB core I decided to post here. I've been using the defaults in Cura, Cura is auto recognising the Ultimaker filament. I took a look at replacement BB cores but at EUR 165 maybe I need to just replace the brass nozzle(?). I expect something is out of adjustment because of the broken filament. In the mean time, I'm getting good print quality out of the AA core (extruder #1) without supports. What sort of performance should I expect with PVA and the BB core, what tweaks could I make to improve my experience with the PVA? Are there any other cleaning techniques beyond the hot/cold pull to clean/fix my BB 0.4 core and how do I clean the nozzle? Attaching photo of the current state of the core nozzle. The AA core (extruder #1) nozzle looks like shinny brass - not sure why so much PVA material is collecting on the BB nozzle but I'm knew to this and probably making a rookie mistake. Thanks. Larry
  7. This is the first print from a newly setup and calibrated UM3 Extended. Is this the quality I should expect? Look like I need additional calibration? These benchy was printed with the PLA and PVA that came with the printer. I used the PVA supports and chose default settings for the print. https://ibb.co/etWZPF https://ibb.co/eEMZPF https://ibb.co/bBZzrv Thanks for your feedback -Larry
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