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  1. Hi Geert_2 That looks super nice. What are printing temps for your 10 mm/s and 50 mm/s prints? You do not change your flowrate? is it the same for all speeds? Do you see any variation in parts strenght between the different layer heights?
  2. Hi all I am trying to print some small airtight containers on my UM3. My normal settings are just PLA settings with some minor changes: temp: 250 bed temp: 95 speed: 40 flow: 90 no fan I read somewhere on ultimaker that an idea would be to increase flow (I changed it to 100 %) and reduce speed to half (20 in my case) while also having no fan. However, when doing this I get horrible results with minimal layer adhesion. Anybody have an idea what to do and perhaps a better solution for airtight prints with PETG?
  3. I also have great problems with the selection process. I can only select the model with the right mouse button and when I press on the model to try to move/rotate it it gets deselected. Most often I then have to zoom in/out and rotate the view around many times in order for cura to let me move and rotate the model. But this only works for that particular model. Then the process repeats itself. With earlier cura versions there were still problems with the selection process but now it has gone mental.
  4. Hi ahoeben This thread is of course a little old but I have looked at your suggestion and cannot figure out how to do it. Could you perhaps elaborate a little how you can make any model a support blocker?
  5. The only idea I read worked for a guy was tightning the z-axis limit switch. Does this make any sense?
  6. Hi I have searched the forums and found several cases where people have perfectly working printers and then suddenly filament stops sticking to the bed. However, I have not come across any working solutions in those posts. I was printing PETG and HIPS on spidersheet with glue since PETG otherwise would stick too well. I have made many prints all with great adhesion. Then suddenly nothing works. It drives me mad. I am doing everything as usual. The filament is dry, I clean with iso after each run, I have tried sanding the bed, I am relevelling every time and have tried different z-o
  7. Thank you so much for all the input. Im looking into it and actually it might be due to fan problems. I recently started letting the exhaust from the ventilation in the cabinet, where the printer stands, blow into the open air outside. For some odd reason this might have changed air currents in the cabinet. After turning off cabinet ventilation prints looks nicer. So I guess it will in the end be a choice between nice prints or toxic fumes. Luckily we have free healthcare :-) With regard to improving support structures, would it maybe be possible to make some kind of rafts as suppo
  8. Hi Nallath Thank you so much for your response. Is anti-overhang meshes a thing in cura that comes standard? I cant see it anywhere. Also, as im new to all this I dont know if it is normal to have repeated issues on one side of a model that is absent on the other identical side of the model? Is it a software og hardware issue? Do you have any input on that.
  9. Hi again I did some prints on a new kind of piece and now it goes completely wrong. I have attached some pictures. It seems like it always fails on the same side, even though the other side of the midline is identical. On the inside it seems like the model is bulging inwards at the point where it failed on the outside. It is as if the support interface was uneven or something. But why should that only affect one side at the same spot continuously? I then tried to change some parameters of the interface, incl thickness, resolution and lines instead of concentric. Also I
  10. Hi all This is my first post. At the moment im printing PETG with HIPS (both renkforce) as support on a UM3E. Support is printed in triangles. Generally it works like a charm. However, there are an issue on the bottom of some of the horisontal rods going through the design. These hang midair and need support big time. Most of them print well but at a few places (always in the same region) it seems like they lack support so quality suffer. I know this as it was previously more pronounced but after increasing support density problems diminished significantly. The model is rather comp
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