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  1. The layerview is in compatibility mode. This could be because you have forced Compatibility mode on, should be off / unchecked. or your graphics card doesn't support OpenGl
  2. It looks like the PVA ditten stick to the glass plate. There have been other threads about the s5 (assuming that your printer) printing air on the first layers from the second core. Which will result in your case in the PVA not sticking on the rest of the print. Try and "enable prime blob" for the second core (PVA) if it doesn't help. Pull the lever of the second feeder and push the PVA a little bit forwards if possible (until resistance). Do this right when the second core begins to print. "original tip from: Cymon"
  3. I think the post is approved. I can see it, so pretty sure others can as well. Som times it just takes time to get an answer. especially if it's a weird bug not seen before. (three days is not that long) I would like to give you an answer to the problem, but i have no idea why it dos as it do. Is it the same if you change som setting on the tower. eg. * Tower Size * Minimum Volume ps. what Cura version are you on, Mac or Pc?
  4. Thanks again for doing the test. The two back fans, do you actually hear them as "fan/rotating blades" noise. or is that the engine humming sound also. After the head fan shouts off i have no fan noise. only the. engine sound, or more like sitting in an airplane with you fingers in the ears, background all around humming. I'm only asking to clarify, because I can't hear any difference from the stepper or back fans. (will not say my hearing is unusually) But the sound is all around and not specific to on part. But it is comforting that you also have an "unusual" sound. Then it's not only me anyway, if thats good or bad time will tell 😉
  5. Sorry if i misread it wrong but is it something like a cast, then you might get some idea her. https://www.sculpteo.com/blog/2019/04/29/can-additive-manufacturing-heal-bones-with-a-3d-printed-cast/
  6. There's a lot of good tips on tuning the Cura support on this page. https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52663-support Try and take a look at the * Support distance priority and * Minimum support x/y distance
  7. Pretty sure you are printing with a too high temperature. which courses stringing. The mid air print is probably som structure part that ditten stick to the build plat, and then the printer still tries to print it "in air" or again just extreme stringing that gets deposited somewhere along the printhead travel route.
  8. Thank you, that would be appreciated 🙂 please note that it takes some time before the print head fans shut off. Agreed that would be a plausible explanation. But again pausing a print is in general not ideal for the print quality. And pausing a print is mostly don (at least in my case) because you have to leve the printer for some reason, when it can't be running. And in this case I would rather risk a mismatch in the layer then a stepper burning out do to standing still. or at least that they had a timer so they would shut off after and hour or two.
  9. okay it seems that there is power on the steppers, the print head can't be moved when on pause. So if the sound is from the steppers, (still hard to tell if the sound is from the stepper or not) is that "healthy" I don't know that much about how a stepper is different from a normal motor. But to me it doesn't sound that good. again only with reference to normal electric motor. I know it's probably a question for a developer. but why keep the stepper on power at all. why not just let the print head "home" befor starts up.
  10. The print core do cool down and all three fans in the head shuts off (min do anyway, can't say if its normal?) As fare as I can tell the fan from the electronics down next to the power cord also goes into idle. don't know if there are other fans on the printer. (fan bracket is only open to show that the fan have stopped when paused. also the two on the sides has stopped, can't take a photo of that though 😉) I wouldn't say that the z-screw is decidedly dirty?, maybe it's the video quality. if you are referring to the dark color it has always ben that way.
  11. Hi, I had to pause a print for some hours today, I know it's not advised to do print quality wise. and its a really long time since I have don it last, so don't remember if it's normal. After pausing the the print, the head moves to the front side cools and shut down the fan. normally. After the fan have shout down theres still this weird hissing sound coming from the printer, that I can't locate wheres coming from. It doesn't sound like a fan, its more like a hissing / humming sound. but still quite loud.s5 sound video.mp4.zip It is possible that the sound is there all the time when printing, but that it just cannot be heard for the fans. Is this something I should be worried about and why doesn't it go away when the printer is paused? ps. bed temp is set to 0c printing on tape.
  12. Pretty sure it's "just" an enclosed/cabinet for the s5. At the end of the video clip (0:10-0:11) there's a lighting difference in the side panel. Showing it is two halves, and placement fits with the feet of the s5, so some type of add on. http://images.3d.ultimaker.com/Web/UltimakerBV/{c7db3d3b-bb17-430d-8a81-e3b5fb9e635e}_S3_S5_Teaser_(1).mp4
  13. As also mentioned above if you only have one photo you will first need to 3d sculpture the model your self. And also colour the model. If you have a camera and the model/person, but not a scanner you can use Photogrammetry Software to make a 3D model out of a lot (a lot) of still photos. https://adamspring.co.uk/single-post/2017/08/30/Single-Camera-Head-Scanning-Photogrammetry I have seen people make grate models in this way. But have never been able to make it work my selve.
  14. Hi. To me it looks like a model that's not watertight. or have some other mesh error. Most the time Cura can overcome small imperfections in the mesh, but sometimes Cura misreads them and slice it wrong. If you upload the stl or step file I can have a look at it.
  15. I sometimes have kinda the same problem. only with PVA though (BB core) and only on slot 2 (right side) At the first 2-3 layers it only prints air. well I am actually not sure it prints air, but suspects it's only moving the print head around. when putting a finger on the fillement next to the feder you can normally feel that it's pulling the filament (even if the head is clogged, it still have a small pull) when I have this problem I can't feel any movement on the filament. Enabling prime blob results in the head moving to the corner as normal but then right away it moves away again. no extrusion. I can start the same print 2-3 times with the same behavior. So when I get this problem I "change" the fillemet. unload and load the same filament again, and the problem is gone. I know its not a fix. But it gets the print started.
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