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  1. Hi I know this thread has been quiet for some time but my problem is actually getting worse without me getting closer to finding a solution. At the beginning it was only at the bottom part, now the problem is not only at the bottom, but gradually distribution at random on the print. These two items were printed next to each other, same orientation just with a small spacing. One has a decent surface finish and the other the weird shrunken layers (the bad one was printed furthest back in the printer) Since I can print two items nex
  2. I'm not sure it's wobble. Yes, it is a thin model, but its also printed fairly slow. And the two items printed have exactly the same problem. if it was "just" wobble woten it look more diffrent between the models. And I do also see some similar problems on models with a larger fodprint. UMS5_09_Ske_A_REV_03.3mf But I don't know, maybe it is just wobble.
  3. Hi nallath Adaptive layers is off (unchecked)
  4. Hi I have a problem in Cura where it looks like it's printing the bottom 10 mm as double layer height what setting can do this? Side note. Why can't i remove the doblet pictur?
  5. Hi Cura 4.8 is really not doing anything good for me. So I wanted to try the newest Master version. But the one from https://github.com/smartavionics/Cura/releases have an install error. So just wanna here if any one her have an installer working on osx 10.14 (Mojave)
  6. Hi im printing a TPU ring and i have some strange movement I can not figure out what is due. (Cura 4.8) I think i have seen a similar problem on the forum but could not find it again! The printer makes this unnecessary move to the left on every layer. UMS5_ring test.3mf
  7. Hi Sander I just wanna know if i can expect an reply on my DM or i should interpret this (above) as the reply.
  8. Hi Sander Will you contact me as well, I never received the compensation plate either.
  9. I see. Please give me an update if you find a solution or reason. I didn't actually think of Cura in general as a contributor for the problem 😕 If thats the case I can troubleshoot all I want on the machine and never get any where, sigh. But again, problem is not only the printer. Part of the problem is also that I don't have more energy to give this machine. I'm run down in troubleshooting and bad prints. I have no "joy" in printing anymore. 3D-printing have become an annoyance. And I dont know how to get past this!
  10. I will not say that my expectations are unrealistic. I am aware of the limitations in FDM printing. But it is depressing to see other people with a far cheaper machine make faster and better prints. And yes I know you cant compare apples whit oranges. The first 100mm from the bottom, the layer precision is "in my opinion" really bad. Then it gets as "expected" towards the top. The Pva is only used for the first 10mm so that shouldn't be and factor. Rods have just been checked for play and realigned according to specifications. whit no difference.
  11. Every time I remove a new print from this printer, its whit the same feeling "Wow this look like Shit" I have in the past been working with both DIY printers and industrial printers like Stratasys. So I know 3d printers ar unreliable, and gives an endless learning curve. That expensive isn't a guarantee that its good or flawless (not saying that Stratasys is a bad printer it just also have its quirks, despite the hefty price tag) But that said. Tweaking the print settings. Replacing or upgrading parts is fun and educational as long as you see a progression! I have
  12. You can use the "post processing" under "Extensions" in Cura to make g-code changes at x height.
  13. I'd say that's a wrong assumption. That there are only two posts on the forum don't mean that the problem isn't there or give and indikation on the problems size. 1: This bundle is mostly addressed to companies. Companies don't necessarily read or comment on the forum. 2: People whit the problem see that its already adressed and just follow one of them, whit out commenting. Waiting for a solution. 3: People whit the problem have already returned the product. I personally had exactly the same problem, I haven't comment on it because I don't use that unit any more.
  14. Yes priming is necessary, and I personally don't mind the waste material. But just unloading into the chamber is a really bad idea. Every time it unloads one of these long strings there's a big chance it will get caught by the z-screw.
  15. Hej Gr5, I would actually like to see how your s5 prints a Benchy. Also you Smithy 🙂 In general I would have liked to see more people join in. it's what 0.35 usd. and 2 hours for a Benchy. The s5 is sold as a Hige end PLA printer, it should be possible to print a Benchy on it. Whether it is a large format printer or not.
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