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  1. Well I still haven't rolled back. The work-around supplied by Simplify3D seems to be working, just staging the heating so everything doesn't draw power at the same time. Regarding the header, it is not missing. I only pasted here the snippet that S3D calls startup. The full gcode has a header, but some commands are missing, particularly the EXTRUDER_TRAIN... commands. It is pasted here. ;START_OF_HEADER ;HEADER_VERSION:0.1 ;TARGET_MACHINE.NAME:Ultimaker 3 ;GENERATOR.NAME:Simplify3D ;GENERATOR.VERSION:3.1.0 ;GENERATOR.BUILD_DATE:2016-10-03 ;FLAVOR:Griffin ;BUILD_PLATE.INITIAL_TEMPER
  2. I was considering rolling back and was told old versions could be found here http://software.ultimaker.com/jedi/releases/ I found -- I think -- another solution to my problem, so haven't done it yet. May I ask what problem you are having and why you want to role back? Just curious if it's similar to my experiences.
  3. The folks at Simplify3D have also been working on this problem and have send the following startup gcode for me to try. See copied response to their email below. My response: Thank you very much. It came at a convenient time so I tried it right away. It worked from a completely cold start. I must say, however, that recently other files created by Simplify3D have also worked. If I understand the gcode correctly, what you did makes sense, you are heating one element at a time and waiting for it to reach temperature before turning on another. Makes sense, but I can’t guarantee that it’s
  4. Well now I don't know what to think. I tried a new Simplify3D file today, expecting a reboot and I was watching the LED on the power "brick" -- sorry, new term for me and I didn't know what you were referring to -- to see if it went out. Lo and behold, the print started without rebooting. Now I don't know if this is random or what. Since upgrading firmware, all S3D files rebooted, and then sometimes restarted. None of the Ultimaker files did. But some of that could be that by the time I tried the Ultimaker files, the heaters were already warmed up. Or could it be something in my fil
  5. So, as this continues to be a problem, is there a way roll back to the previous firmware? I cannot find older firmware posted on-line.
  6. Just had another reboot, with a file created on Simplify3D. The blue light around the wheel on the front went out, if that is what you are refering to. I dumped the logs to the usb. They are here: Ultimaker Logs Password: VkihEQqA https://campbellu.egnyte.com/fl/cHi2I7uVCC The next file, created in Cura started fine. Regarding the heating hypothesis, the extruders were already warm, since I primed them first. So I really don't know how relevant that is.
  7. What you say makes a certain sense, however, - why would it just appear after the firmware upgrade? Does the new firmware perhaps heat more quickly? - why would why would it matter if it the gcode were created by Cura or Simplify3D? Or is that just random? Since the firmware upgrade all my files created on Simplyfy3D had the reboot, and the only one I've tried from Cura worked. I don't know what LED you want me to check. Yes, they are the original Ultimaker print cores.
  8. I will send it to you in a private message. Thanks.
  9. I have fixed the unrelated problem with Cura by rolling back intel graphics drivers https://ultimaker.com/en/community/51884-cura-doesnt-respond?page=1&sort=#reply-192500 I have finally been able to create model with cura to send to the ultimaker. It started printing fine without rebooting, so the issue seems to be with gcode generated by Simplify3D. Sorry I forgot to get a log file before printing. I'll try to get one later. I hope I can go back to Simplify3D as I prefer it's handling of support structure, in particular it's ability to manually manipulate support. I will contact S
  10. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. It took a bit of digging, but I was able to roll back to the previous intel graphics driver and that fixed the problem. Now Cura is responding normally. And this seems to have fixed my other problem as well. https://ultimaker.com/en/community/51870-um3-extend-reboots
  11. As I said, I'm also having problems with Cura. See thread https://ultimaker.com/en/community/51884-cura-doesnt-respond. So I'm pretty much screwed.
  12. I will try to do this tomorrow when I get to work. But, is it possible to roll back to the previous firmware?
  13. This keeps happening, on mutiple files. All are created in Simplify3D. I'm trying to create some files to send in Cura for troubleshooting purposes, but that has its's own problems -- see https://ultimaker.com/en/community/51884-cura-doesnt-respond. So, is it possible to roll back to previous firmware?
  14. I've mostly been using Simplify3D, but for troubleshooting purposes, I've been trying to do some things in Cura. I'm on Cura 3.04, which I believe is the current version. Most of the time when I click, it does nothing. It just sits there. I click and click and eventually it does something. What's up with that? I'm on Windows 10. It's not an OS "This program has stopped responding." It just doesn't do anything.
  15. Is it possible to record the webcam stream from the Ultimaker 3 to a file to play back later? I'm trying to see at what point my print is failing and can't sit and watch it for 3 hours.
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