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  1. Amazing. Thank you @Torgeir. Where did you find a copy of the BoM for the UM3, this would really help me out in the future... Cheers, Rich
  2. Hi all, I am getting some issues with my UM3, mostly relating to an under extrusion and increased frequency of jams and grinding in the feeder. After ruling out the typical issues, and double checking the basic setup, I had a closer look inside my feeders. They both look like the knurling on the drive wheels/gears has worn away a little. So I increased the tension on my feeders and it helped my problems. So my question is, is it possible to buy replacement drive wheels for the UM3? I can only find them for the Ultimaker Original. I know I could upgrade to B
  3. Have I posted this in the wrong section? I am surprised no one has any advice...
  4. Any ideas? Or does anyone need more information to help? Thanks, Rich
  5. Hi, I have a UM2+ with a Bondtech extruder (recently fitted) and a ruby nozzle. I have been experimenting with ColorFabb XT-CF20 over the past few days. I have been struggling with getting my settings spot on... I first used the average settings suggested by colorfabb (250degC, 65degC bed, 50% fan, 55mm/s print speed, plus other standard settings). My first print created lots of stringing, so I designed a basic part to test for stringing and tried again... To counteract this I tried reducing the temp to 240degC and increasing retraction length
  6. Morning, Here are a few prints of my overnight UM robot. I am happy with the results, much much better than my last attempt. There is still a small amount of warping to the base on one of the corners, and there is still a saggy waistline. Any advice? Cheers, Rich
  7. Thanks for all the help, the linked guide is particularly useful! I think I have got to a good place this afterrnon, so have just set a um robot to build over night. Hopefully it will work, I will post a pic in the morning. Thanks, Rich
  8. @Labern Thanks for replying. Ok, I will try lowering the bed temp. I am using a product called dimafix to help with warping, most of the time it seems to help. The only reason I am using ABS is because that is what I have (the machine isn't new, and the other material is XT-CF20). I thought PLA and ABS were 2 of the original FDM materials, so thought this would be easier than XT-CF20. I missed a few other pics from my original post... Cheers, Rich
  9. Hi, I am new to 3D printing, so please be gentle. I have recently started playing with a UM2+. I have been reading a lot of forums to try and understand as many settings as possible, and I have definelty managed to improve the quality of my prints (mostly thanks to this community, thanks!). But I think I need a few points to improve further. I have added a few pictures of my recent attempts at a cube (with and without brim) as well as my cura settings and um2+ settings below. The prints look pretty good as they get higher, but struggle near the bed. They always seem to warp and/or "elepha
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