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  1. Ultimaker 3 Location: Central London, UK Asking for: £2300 Selling Ultimaker 3, owned for about 2.5 years. Machine that has been well taken care of. I can also include filaments I still have. Prefer local pickup. Please DM me for any questions, pictures, or inquiry. Thanks.
  2. I just serviced my UM3 and thinking about selling it, PM me if you are still looking for a UM.
  3. So it's been couple months since I posted a few times on retraction and jamming issue with the feeder. It seems like it is getting worse. I've tried default settings, I've tried settings recommended from user posts, I've play around with settings anywhere in between these recommendations like retraction distance, times, temperature, object size, nothings seems to work. I've tried printing less objects on the build plate, and I've even tried printing the SAME object twice, and one would be flawless while the other would be a complete mess. I've attached a picture of said object.
  4. Yea I'm sure now it's the retraction, because when I pull the filament out, there is not just one grind point, but like 4 severe grind points. Thank you so much for your help.
  5. So I fixed it, started printing and everything is running smooth until the print near the end again where the print is all messed up. So the feeder is grinding the filament again. I cleaned everything according to the manual (taking the feeder apart), the feeder doesn't seem to have any broken parts or wear. The bowen tube seems to be fine and unbroken. The filament I'm currently using is Ultimaker White PLA, and feeder tension setting is set at the recommended (right at the middle mark). I've printed a few items after I got the printer and everything was fine. Until this new print....
  6. I did a 3d print last night and near the end, the print became loose and what seems to be under extruding. This morning a new print and I can see barely any filament is coming out. I finally realize the feeder has chewed the filament and is not pushing filament out. I tried consulting the manual and pulling the filament hard but it just don't move. I can see the feeder gear spinning when I try to 'unload' the materials, but no matter how hard I pull, it just won't move. Here are my questions: 1. How do I unload the feeder now? Do I just have to pull hard enough to yank the filament
  7. Just got my UM3 and did a test print, machine ran smooth but the print could be improve. According the the makers, this test print is all about retraction settings. I also printed a long large screw, though the print was perfect, during print, I can see similar branches happening inside in the infill. So my question is, how can I improve so that the spikes are all perfect without the branches appearing? Retraction settings? Temperature/fan speed settings? Some of the settings of the actual print: Used the Cura 3.1 Fine preset -> 0.1 layer height, print speed 70, i
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