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  1. Just to bring this one back up to the surface, this problem occurred again last week and repairing the broken wire was extremely fiddly. These wires could seriously use some kind of strain relief, or at the very least having their connection to the sensor moved away from the hinge point of the fan cover.
  2. Well this was a frustrating one. After many months of smooth running, our S5 started failing the auto bed levelling before even making the first contact point, and it would fail consistently after that showing the error message "Difference between detected height of both PrintCores exceeds realistic values". Replaced print cores, cleaned the bed, rebooted and rebooted, then after a while I discovered the connection to the sensor inside the fan bracket has sheared. This seems like a huge weak point considering how often the fan bracket is opened and closed. So just a heads up really!
  3. Hi All I've tried using the gyroid infill setting a few times now and each time have experienced an alarming level of vibration at the print head that comes when the infill is being printed. I can't tell if this is due to the slice settings or some kind of mechanical issue e.g the nozzle tip catching against the material, but either way it doesn't seem like it'll be good for the printer over time. The problem doesn't exist on the first layer, when I've printed an infill-only model, but it always occurs on each infill layer after that. I have attached a video with sound of a part exhibiting this problem, and the Cura project file. Could anyone shed some light on whether this is normal, or what the problem could be? Many thanks. UMS5_73151.3mf Gyroid infill problem.zip
  4. I have just noticed this too. Kind of annoying.
  5. I have this exact problem, and would love to know if there's a tweak to a setting that I've been missing.
  6. Currently loving the U3 we have just bought at work but if I were to suggest some potential improvements: - fully enclosed and thermally controlled chamber - interchangeable heads for laser engraving. Maybe a "lasercore"? - More stable soluble support material (PVA is great when it works, but when it doesn't work it's a nightmare)
  7. I'd love to see a feature in Cura that can independently control the thickness of a wall section around a hole. I've noticed that screw heads tend to leave an indent in the material over time and although that seems to be the case on all the different manufacturing methods we've tried (machined PVC, Nylon SLS and PLA/ABS FDM) I think extra material around a hole would help the longevity of the fixture parts we print on our U3.
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