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    Nice print - do you care to share the STL?
  1. What should the supports look like in your opinion? I think that for such small features, support will always look like this... And @gr5, are you sure that no supports are needed? With unsupported bridges, there will always be sagging and a not-so-pretty lower surface... of course, the Ender 3 is possibly quite a bit better concerning bridging than the UM S5, but still...
  2. I have designed a 3D printed insert where I have attached a Bowden fitting. However, if the filament isn't straight I have trouble getting it past the feeder, so I think the solution proposed here is better.
  3. Hi, your link leads back to the forum post when clicked...
  4. What about reducing the steps/mm for the extruder stepper in the firmware?
  5. Maybe it isn't the stepper itself, but rather the stepper driver? Can you exchange the drivers on your board?
  6. Hum... very strange. Never had this happen at all...
  7. How does the end of your bowden tube look like? It could help to cut the end so there's a fresh end that the fitting can hold on to....
  8. Thanks for the feedback, I just did that:
  9. Hi, the intent profiles have been quite a game-changer for us, since we have profiles for Tough PLA that reliably produce accurate parts, our S5 is getting more usage than ever. Now, Tough PLA is a good material - until there are special requirements, such as high temperature or chemical resistance. So we'd love profiles - especially for CPE and Nylon, in our case. Is there any timeline on when additional intent profiles will be released? Will they be released as part of a Cura Update, or will the material profiles be updated seperately?
  10. Thanks :) I was asking because transparent and black/white are quite different, at least according to the technical data sheets.
  11. While the improvements are nice, what I would be *really* interested in are more intent profiles - for example for CPE, for Nylon... Some weeks ago, @territerriterri wrote that more such profiles would be coming soon, what's the status on this?
  12. Hi, do you print in black PC or in transparent PC`?
  13. A-ha! So if that is what you're trying to avoid, you always can set the bottom thickness to 0...
  14. Ah, I see. Well, I guess you could do three parts then... or else try the adaptive layer feature, possibly also the gradual infill option.
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