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  1. P3D

    Ultimaker Cura | a new interface

    Thanks for the reply! One possible suggestion concerning the resources: To me, implementing SpaceMouse support looks like an ideal internship project (for, say, a semester-long internship, or if you get a good CompSci student, it should be doable over the summer). Clear project scope, the API is already there, the plugin infrastructure too...
  2. P3D

    Ultimaker Cura | a new interface

    Could you explain why it is not likely? This is a feature that would make Cura much less quirky to use for everyone using a SpaceMouse (most people whose work involves modeling) - and don't forget the people who can't use a mouse normally because of a disability...
  3. When finishing a print, our UM S5 "pauses" for a short time after the last move, and only then lowers the build platform. This has the effect of nearly always producing a blob of material on top of the print (and sometimes also a melted area around the last nozzle contact point), which for some prints is quite difficult to remove cleanly. My Anycubic i3 Mega at home suffers much less from this problem, so I would think that the problem should be solvable with the S5 also. Does any of you have experience with this?
  4. Grease? I don't know about the UM2, but with the UM S5, there comes a grease which is only to be used for the Z axis, and some kind of oil which is for the X/Y/Z shafts... it says specifically that you should never use the grease for the shafts, only for the Z axis screw. Edit: It is the same for the UM2, see this link: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/18780-lubricate-the-axles
  5. P3D

    Under extrusion...

    Very weird. The printer settings plugin is worth a try I think.
  6. P3D

    Under extrusion...

    Did you set the filament size correctly both in the printer settings and in the materials manager? (Sidebar->Materials->manage materials)
  7. P3D

    Under extrusion...

    Does this thread help?
  8. P3D

    Probleem met filament

    Hi, if you want to discuss this in Dutch, there is a special category (https://community.ultimaker.com/forum/123-nederlands/) for this. Otherwise, would you kindly re-phrase your post in english, so that we all can understand it, and hopefully help you with your problem?
  9. Do you have the option to use a different material, for example PETG/CPE? Then you could easily post-tap the threads (print the threads anyway, this way you don't get problems like tapping into the infill, and beginning the cutting will be much easier). Actually, if I remember correctly, I even did this with PLA without too many problems. Tolerance-wise, I'd say you have to experiment. Print small test-pieces to test out different clearances. One part I designed with a less-common thread (for pipe fittings) came out really well this way, and works reliably without any tapping. (The thread is much coarser than M6, of course).
  10. P3D

    Ultimaker 3 Aufwerten

    Wie schon in einigen Threads diskutiert, gibt es auch die Möglichkeit sich aus einer möglichst luftdichten Plastikbox selbst eine Drybox zu bauen. Wenn man den originalen Spulenhalter verwendet behält man sogar die NFC-Unterstützung. Dazu muss die Box aber, aufgrund des recht kurzen Kabels des Readers, direkt hinter dem Drucker stehen. Schau dich einfach um wegen Kunststoffboxen im passenden Format. Die nötigen Teile um den originalen Spulenhalter zu befestigen findest zu auf Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2559491
  11. P3D

    Changing nozzles 5S printcore

    I see. The 3DSolex HardCores would be another option, where you can do exactly that - change out the nozzles. They have a lot of options, including abrasive resistant ruby nozzles in various sizes. You'd have to make your own print profiles, of course, but judging from the thread about the XSTRAND GF30-PA6 profile you may have to do that in any case.
  12. P3D

    Changing nozzles 5S printcore

    For brass fill, you probably shouldn't use the standard print cores anyway, as the nozzle will be abraded very quickly.
  13. Hm, that sounds really bad! Does your mainboard have replaceable stepper drivers, or are they soldered?
  14. P3D

    Feature request: 3D mouse support

    As previously mentioned, I'm currently trying to get 3DxWare installed on my PC, which, as far as I understand it, works by mapping the SpaceMouse axis movements to the mouse clicks, drags and keyboard inputs needed for Cura's camera view. This is a fiddly stop-gap solution, as @GreyArea mentioned. The Cura/3DxWare plugin you mentioned: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2913885 tackles the problem from another side, but requires the SpaceMouse to be set up in a way that I can't find in my current driver's config, and once again is only a workaround using keyboard mapping. As I see it, there are some workarounds, but proper support is still needed. The problem with Cura is compounded by the less than intuitive shortcuts and sluggish response, especially to the shift-click-drag camera move operation.
  15. Walls before infill shouldn't have an effect on this, as far as I know. I also struggle with supports in Cura, and sometimes I get similarly messy results, even with the support roof (or especially with a support roof?). If you have a dual extruder setup, trying breakaway support would be worthwhile I think. Otherwise, I would experiment with different support strategies, densities and gaps - and maybe also printing slower.

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