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  1. Myself and colleagues at work are constantly flipping back and forth between Cura and Fusion 360 and the change in mouse funtions can be a bit frustrating when hopping into Cura. Is there a config file that can be modified to swap button functions around?
  2. Could be the filament swelling in the print core causing a temporary clog. Check the filament for grinding and the feeder for ground up filament. Check your print more regularly to catch the issue while its happening. Dry your filament. Or it could be poor layer adhesion caused by drafts. You need an enclosure when printing big parts especially with ABS.
  3. The Marketplace isn't loading any packages for me sometimes. I get a message flashing up for half a second when opening the marketplace popup that says cant get Cura packages database.
  4. Well at least yours was obvious lol. Tightening the print head bolts has worked a treat so far. I only get spikes upon heatup and cooldown from whichever hardcore is in slot one. That corresponds to the left back bolt that was loose causing the print core to drop and the left most pin to slide off the print core pad at random.
  5. Lorix try tightening some of the bolts on the print head and see what happens. I've just over-tightened the back two top side bolts and the bolt behind the print head that holds the PCB inside. No open circuits on either print core for the last two prints. I'm thinking these broke free of their thread lock and are causing the print cores to miss-align with the connector on the PCB. The Hardcores are more susceptible to this because they are slightly different to the original ultimaker cores. I'll let you know how it goes but this looks like it could be the problem and not the temp sensor
  6. sales@3dsolex.com is the email you need Lorix. Carl is sending me a new temp sensor as I can install it myself. You may want to send yours back for a new one if you're having slot empty issues.
  7. Direct from 3dSolex. I was in contact with Carl Beck a month or two ago. I'll get back in touch.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I Initially thought it might have been that so I pushed it in quite hard. I've had two of these Hardcores for a few months now and the other Hardcore seems to be going OK after a firm push-in but one of them is still on the brink of throwing the error. How do I know this? The orange spikes in the graph below is the Hardcore reporting 700C for an instant. Not enough to throw max temp but enough to show the material compatibility warning on the display just like when a new printcore or material is inserted. Eventually I know this will turn into max temp errors
  9. I also have this problem. I just posted another topic about it. It is less of a problem on solid view but on layer view its really bad. The faster you try to type the worse it is. I've just disabled auto slice for now until its fixed.
  10. So as of (I think) Cura 3.2 I've had massive problems changing setting values with automatic slicing enabled. It's just bearable in solid view but in layer view I'll get one or two digits into the box before being interrupted by slicing. I would like to be able to enter the value and have the program wait for me to hit enter or click out before slicing begins. I have turned automatic slicing off for now but it was very handy when it wasn't interrupting my input.
  11. Sometimes when I have a tricky print I need to abort a few times before I get the thing to stick or print right. Once maybe every 10 aborts the printer will try to purge the entire reel of filament. I've had this problem for quite a while but never thought much of it as it just needed a quick power cycle and bed lower to fix. It had not happened for a while before today. I will grab the logs once my current print is finished. I usually use the abort on the printer itself but seem to recall doing an abort through Cura and having the same issue at one point. Anyone else come acr
  12. I have an Ultimaker 3e and purchased a couple of Hardcore nozzles to replace AA cores to get faster prints. I get max temp errors on both of the Hardcores randomly during and after prints. One of the cores is currently in the print head and I am unable to remove it as it trips the error before I can pull out the filament. At first I thought it might have been some dodgy soldering on the printcore pcb but after trimming the spaces between the soldered connectors and the smaller connector on the side it the problem persists. Could it also be the spring? The tension of the spring on the Hardc
  13. I just switched out PETG for PLA for a print and now all the adhesion options start inside the part area on the first layer. The picture below is of the first layer only and shows that Cura wants to put the skirt inside the part on the first layer. The solution was to switch speed profiles and redo my settings. That fixed it.
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