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  1. Benutze ein Ultimaker Original Plus auf Marlin. Das Add-on wurde von Ultimaker selber raus gebracht, deswegen dachte ich es würde für deren Produkte funktionieren.
  2. Hallo, ich benutze das Add-on von Ultimaker bei cura, welches Post processing heißt um das Filament ab einem bestimmten Layer Höhe zu wechseln. Das Problem das ich habe, dass das Add-on kurz vor dem wechsel nicht das Filament einzieht, sondern raus drückt. Hier der G-code: M600 E5.50 L10.00 X0.00 Y0.00 ; Generated by FilamentChange plugin Ich muss immer den E und L Wert aus Minus ändern(E-5.5/L-10), damit es klappt. Ich kann bei dem Add-on auch keine Minuswerte angeben. Ist das Add-on falsch programmiert oder mache ich wa
  3. Hello, I am using an Ultimaker original Plus with the latest Cura 4.1.0 and Post Processing 2.2.1. When I am using the feature to change the filament at a specific layer height with post processing, I am always facing the problem that the add-on is causing to extrude filament instead of retract filament before the nozzle moves away to the changing point. So I always have to change the g-code by hand by adding minus to the value otherwise is extruding material before the nozzle is moved away. and to work correctly I have to change E5.5 L
  4. Why is the print-time higher in Cura 3.5 then 15.04. I am using an UMO+ and I think I have all the same setting in both cura's which are importent. Does anyone know why Cura 15.04 is faster. I would like to use the new Cura but if the print-time is higher I would prefer Cura 15.04
  5. Has anyone new experience about the 3D solex bowden tube. The idea I think is quit good using a PTFE tube but why is Ultimaker not using it in the newer models?! I have the small problem that i get a bit less material when the printhead is near the rear right corner, next to the extruder. Maybe because of the high friction due the strong bend it has to make. I am not sure of getting the 3D Solex one or the original, but I am sure the I change the tube at on time because I heard that you should change it after time of use.
  6. habe zum Glück etwas SMD Erfahrung von meinen Drohnen und Fernsteuerungen und habe deswegen eine Lötspitze extra für SMD Bauteile, aber ich muss sagen das Bauteil ist schon sehr klein für ein SMD Bauteil. Schade, ich hätte dir es löten können @zerspaner_gerd ?
  7. Habs hin bekommen. Wer T1 noch braucht, hab noch 19 Stück über ?
  8. Oh thanks a lot. Did not know that I can save that settings!!! Thank you!!!
  9. @neotko Yes I use this firmware, to turn them on. But I looking for a way that there are on when I turn on the Ultimaker. Right now I always have to turn them on when I switch on the UMO by the UltiControll. Is there a way to set them to 255 when you powered on the UMO? (there set back to 0 when I turn on and off)
  10. if anyone need T1 I have 19 spare ?
  11. Hello, I just recently add LEDs to my UMO+ and add the new software of the bultimaker to turn on the LEDs. My only problem is, that I always have to turn them on manually. Is it possible to change that, that there always on like on the UM2/+?
  12. thanks is working again!!! @tinkergnome
  13. @Dim3nsioneer Ja genau das habe ich gemeint. Danke!!!
  14. I am looking for a cheap alternative compared to the original Nozzle for the olsson block. Unfortunately I bought a e3d nozzle because I thought they fit because of the same thread. They do fit but there are to short for the head, so that the fan case touches the bed first. Has anyone an idea or tested different nozzle because the nozzle for UM2 and E3D hot ends are all to small in length. Thanks for every answer!
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