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  1. I asked some weeks ago when I first heard of it. But my distributor could not answer: is this supposed to fit a U3, or is it only S5? I print carbon fiber with a 0.8 that I expect will wear out (and to be regularly replaced).
  2. OK, so let me opt-in to a charge (I don't grasp the impractical view). Try $1,000.00. Give me (and some others) a (practical) choice, keep 10.9.5 running for five more years. No? That's OK. I may then find other software that does. Or not. Still I _am_ resisting this; upgrade OS - upgrade hardware (throw working stuff in bin) - upgrade OS - upgrade app - cirkus. I _know_ I will lose in the end, and rebuild it all. But then over a 10-15-year cycle I will have less problem (less emoijs, hands-of, silly stuff) but a stable environment that works with what I already got. I am not saying that worki
  3. Well, of topic sort of, but 10.9.5 is optimal on our hardware (even though 10.6.8 was even better we do have replaced it except on our servers). To go to a later system would brake tons of intricate software solutions and the gain (new fancy 'hands of' etc) would be 100% non productive (and also hundred of hours replacing software). We can survive without emojs and Apple applications. Instead of spending hours of continuos configuring and upgrades, tens of thousands $ investments in hardware we focus on our work. From time to time we loose an upgrade path such as photoshop, lightroom etc. But
  4. Thanks for the link. Sad if this really is the end of line. I am 'stuck' at 10.9.5. But it should not be impossible, there still some great complicated software still in development for 10.9.5 (for example FormZ). I may have to go back to Simplify3D that I left when I bought the UM3 (if this keeps evolving in my environment).
  5. 3.5, 3,5.1 beta (181012) and 3.5.1 quits on start. No log, no trace. Fresh install on OS X 10.9.5 (NIVIDA GeForce 9600 GT) As noted before 3.4.1 is fine (with some limitations).
  6. 3.5 quits on start. Fresh install on OS X 10.9.5 (NIVIDA GeForce 9600 GT) Going back to 3.4.1 is fine (with some limitations).
  7. Looks good indeed, I figure I will use both as sometimes a critical function or parameter is missing. My first was to adjust the support in areas where I needed to drop some extras in a hollow. I expect fin find use for both. Especially after years with Simple3D. Sad though that there are no direct connection over LAN/WiFi. By the way, I have not seen this mention anywhere. I often speed-cooled my previous machines prints by a freezer spary. I have now expanded the use to get things off the glass when it sticks to good (even after cooling down completely), some PLA that i use is really st
  8. OK, admit being a bit grumpy... I tried lowering the plate to a maximum, it seems to have worked (at least once). Thank you all! My fault (?) was to assume that half way between maximum and minimum would be a good starting point (as an engineer that is). Now I have been struggling with Simplify3D that zeroes to negativ value (drive belt jumping) and to make PVA stick like PLA... an complete different story.
  9. Had mine delivered yesterday, fails 100% ungracefully. I can hear the z engine trying to crush the printhead and when in front, the plate clearly gets angled by the force. Not a good start. (I am not new to 3D print, I have been printing for several years and built and modified several printers), And yes, tried all by instructions/solutions, to no avail. I had to disable the auto leveling to get my first test print. So I figure from this thread that this is one fancy function to tick of the list of this premium printer as dysfunctional. I will see how it works in other areas, co
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