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  1. Hello UM colleagues About the machine: Firmware Version Latest I've a UM3 machine which is roughly 4 1/2 year old, so far it was printig very reliable. The machine has an aftermarket print bed, otherwise the machine is fully original. For most of my prints I mainly use a 0.4 AA printcore in 'Printcore 1' slot, in the 'Printcore 2' slot I use sometimes 0.25 AA or 0.4 BB cores, but only very rarely. As print material I use PLA mainly. Now I got an issue with the 'Printocre 1' slot I think, here is the issue and what I tried. Issue: When printing with 0.4 AA printcore in 'Printcore 1', the machine stops extruding material after some hours (after approx 4+ hours I would say). I can see that the extruder is grinding the filament, until it can't push it anymore. What I did already try to solve the issue: Changed the filament, but still the same issue Replaced the AA 0.4 printcore with another AA 0.4 AA printcore, still same issue Tried a newer Cura version, still same issue Raised printcore temperature from 210 degrees to 230 for testing, still same issue Moved the AA 0.4 printcore from 'Printcore 1' slot to the 'Printcore 2' slot, now the core is working as expected again. My conclusion is, that the 'Printcore 1' slot is defective and the printcore in there gets cold after multiple hours of printing. Is this possible or a known issue? The extruder should not be the issue, as it is grinding the filmanet... so it tries to push the material, but it won't move as the printcore can't melt the material. Any ideas how to confirm this? Maybe I can get the temperature from the printcore through the API and log it to a file on the computer or something like that... All ideas are appreciated how to identify the root cause and how it can be repaired. BR Mat
  2. @Bastler1508 mit OctoPrint geht das bestimmt... Gruss
  3. @Digibike optisch wäre schon möglich, z.B. mit einem Lichtstrahl und auf der anderen Seite mit einem LDR oder ähnlich (würde ich mal einfach so behaupten). Die Billigchinadinger (ca. 2.50$ das Stück) scheinen jedoch einen Minischalter zu verwenden. Prinzipiell könnte man das auch nach dem Feeder installieren... Habe mir mal aus Spass zwei Stück bestellt, vielleicht bastle ich mir da mal was, obwohl ich bisher noch nie ein Problem mit gebrochenem Filament oder leerer Rolle hatte... Gruss
  4. Hallo zusammen Eine Lösung welche ich mir vorstellen könnte wäre folgende für den UM3: Filamentsensor aus China, kostet wohl 5 Euro oder so, mit einem Arduino / ESP8266 verbinden. Dieser checkt dann den Sensor regelmässig und falls kein Filament mehr erkannt wird, per API den Druck pausieren oder abbrechen. Das sollte mit der API eigentlich möglich sein. Sollte es interessierte geben, könnte man ja ein entsprechendes Projekt starten... Gruss
  5. Hello together Used cura version: 3.3.0-BETA on windows 7 64bit and windows 10 64bit Hopefully here is someone who can help me out, maybe this is even a bug, or e feature? I would like to save ChangeAtZ settings as Cura project (File --> Save project...). This would be very handy for temperature towers / heat towers. Setting 10 different temperatures takes a while (with selecting the correct layers), it would be very handy to save the values to the project, so you could just load up the project if you're in the need of a heat tower again, this happens when you're experimenting with different filaments. So for example, I set a print temperature change at layer 10 and save this project: But when I close cura and open the project as project, then all the values are gone: How do you save your heat tower configurations? I know there would be the option to save the GCODE file, but I don't like to print with USB as we've network support. Hopefully someone has an input. Thank you Mat
  6. @hoegge that would of course be the nicest solution, but unfortunately I don't think it get fixed in Cura directly in the near future: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/2476#issuecomment-357624835
  7. @hoegge & @AbeFM has anyone of you managed somehow to prevent those ugly lines in the first layer with some 'special' settings? Maybe someone could write or has already written a small plugin for this, I'm new to 3D printing and GCODE, but I think it should be that hard to create a small plugin for that.
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