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  1. ? And here I was going to say that at least it's not yet another 'Vase'
  2. male bits look odd deformed even. Could copy Michaelangelos' work ? if at a loss for models/inspiration.
  3. Thank you.. note that I'm reducing the scale by 2/3rds , that changes the goal posts. Fixed it by fiddling with wall thickness At smaller size..it Only prints well when vertical. Horizontal Layering produces poor fins... even at finest settings
  4. Clearly you 'have purpose' Good for you .. distributing Techno skills to any who will listen. Great! Many will inhale the knowledge. 'Architecture' is imo only the vehicle here. A 17 by 17 cm Study model isn't worth the trouble to be Blunt ..No designer needs such a visual aid.. certainly as a miniature. Size of the plastic 'model' needs be double or quadruple that for Client purposes.. which is the only real use I could envision. One could cobble up a sketch model of some curious interface for further study perhaps.. but a pencil can suffice happily too. Clients often request to see/experience just they are buying !.... in detail. Lack of imagination? whatever, it's their need and it's real. Many clients have requested and paid for 1/4" scale models. Often of massive size and cost... without raising an eyelid. Disagree Entirely with your views on Tolerances !! You clearly are new at 'architecture' ? However I won't venture that fruitless digression further. Technician personalities have zero'd in on accuracy and tolerances .. Clinging to precision as a Lifeboat.. in the often glaring absence of every other talent . An old issue in Architecture .. only the technology has changed. Teaching? Lots of it actually, thank you for asking. Always in the time proven Mentorship style ie; slow nurturing, involving years. Decidedly unglamourous and often difficult. Teaching architecture is about imparting Values, Outlook and yess even artistic Tastes. Technical stuff... any one can learn.. even on DIY 3d printer forums. Should they want to Models ? My offices supported a Models group, students/interns typically, that began their craft eaducation building models for study and presentation. Quality was invariably outstanding as there was love/ commitment applied. A lot to be learned in building (even a model) of someone's design. G'day. I won't be revisiting this :-)
  5. Have a decent set of STL files on hand Trying to print them from a Cura Slice and the print messes . Extruder action is smooth then in mid circle it Jerks and returns to the begining of the segment , missing bits and seemingly of a mind of it's own Can't seem to convince it to laydown a simple continous bead. Which to MY mind it should do automatically on a Simple half circle??. What's up with the jerk then stop in the middle action? Printer has been doing 'jes fine' on previous other prints (today) so a Hardware fault is seeming as improbable cause. Do I have a setting (s) bungled OR?? Can someone lookit this .stl and Cura Gcode.. (Gcode is V small) to see if there is anything obvious Cylinder half 1.stl AA6_Cylinder half 1.gcode
  6. Interesting plastic rendering.. But what size is that "model' Presumably it's at best A4 size unless you have a serious printer on hand. Small models like that can often be hand crafted in the same or less time than printing would require As these are throwaways or at best, V limited half life discussion objects. Precision is largely irrelevant given the purpose and intent of the things. Been An architect for 35 yrs I've seen experienced the race to the digital age. Some has been great some... some much less than great :-) Like 'actors' ..architects are V easily pigeonholed early on .. Choose wisely
  7. Adding my test print Slices ... with... the issues I'm seeing Set to 0.1mm and 40 print speed too. Back of Le Rhone Fixed-2.gcode Front of Le Rhone Fixed-2.gcode
  8. Recent efforts to help me get a Large 137mb Radial Engine Model file helped In the least identified the basic problem.. And I ' m grateful for the help. Plodding along in my own fashion .. I 've gotten the complete Engine Drawing as a Mesh File 2 different ones actually.. One via Meshmixer another from a New site: https://makeprintable.com The Meshmix one is a wee bit Klunky /imprecise, the Makeprintable one is noticeably better, not perfect / Ideal .. But Good 'nuff for my purposes. 3 test prints later and the cylinders, only a few of them, seem to have aquired a case of Warts... Odd and ugly Looking into the cause.. it appears that the Problem surfaces when using layer view studying Curas' 'slice'.. in which 4 or more of the Cylinders (there are 9) look like Cauliflowers . Zooming in on the Slice with Layer view clearly shows that the thing is messed .. Why? this time. How to Fix this ?? and incidentally why?? those cyls Which seem to follow the pattern/location rather than the model..as Rotating the engine leaves the distortions in roughly the same place . Dunno as I'm just guessing though. Is there a setting or fix to this? Attaching my Mesh file as reference It's a Big Un though Fixed-2.stl
  9. OK Small issue tho (beyond having to guess where the front door was :-) It won't let me register? 3 separate Email addy's...3 seperate User names.. said All were in use.. As if Will try it again a bit later. hoping traffic at least might lessen
  10. This.. at least I figured out... Inept setup All fixed
  11. Thank.you ! Downloaded it..500 mb a biggie ! Opened and starting to explore it
  12. Erm... None. As above: Komplete Newbie I'm after an engine model for a 1;12th scale DH2 model (ww1 aircraft) I'm attempting to build. Tripped over this Le Rhone engine file and was delighted. sadly it's proven not nearly as simple an exercise as I anticipated
  13. Wow... I'm both Flattered and Humbled by your Efforts.. Thank You! New at this being my only credible excuse :-) I knew that it was a CNC type file and that It would print all the Internal bits, albeit unnecessarily for my needs, I assumed / thought that was unavoidable baggage. I'm only after a simple, looks like the real thing facsimile version.. viewed from the outside Your provided File is interesting.... I had given thought to Printing the individual bits But Frankly had zero idea of how to separate them into pieces I can post printing assemble into my desired model. No idea of how to tho. IF I could get One Cylinder Complete with it's Valve gear (pushrod is unlikely to print well in any event and a Bit of ali tube/wire could easily be retrofitted) It's the detail of a Complete Cyl that is all that I'm after/ need tbh.. If it becomes a case of Simplifying. The crankcase is simply a Hollow can shape devoid of any significant detail.. That I can fabricate manually ...fairly easily . Thought was that I could print 9 cyl assemblies then glue them onto my diy cranckase IF? I could trouble you further on this Can you provide some "how to" info on how I might get this file to Print One almost (no pushrod) complete Cylinder? Regards Dan, vancouver canada
  14. Ooops . thought It might be useful to submit the Original File. Bit big tho at 138mbs Le Rhone Engine.stl Le Rhone Engine.stl
  15. Thank you gentlemen: Here is the STL (it was reduced from 134 mb to 25mb STL by makexyz.com) ( file attached) Can supply the original 138 mb file if wanted/needed.. please advise Oddly the first 3 print tries were very poor but at least it was printing Yesterdays' Slices printed Without any Z .. sigh. Cura doesn't crash but it does seize up for a few mins, maxing out my i7 processor to 100% in process. So somethings amiss somewhere I suspect. Here is a Cura file 65mb. I'm wanting to print this 37.2" diameter (real life size) as a 1:12 scale model) so detail will obviously suffer AA63DP_Le Rhone Engine.curaproject.3mf
  16. Trying to print a an ACad File (stl) that was used as the basis for CNC'ing of a full scale WW1 aviation engine. The file/design is credible .. and the resultant engine has Flown. Trying for days now to get Cura (3.2.1) to Slice this File... 135 mb though so i can print a reduced scale model. Wellll It slices.. sort of.. but it keeps missing sections of the engine. Even got a 25 mb STL for it to "slice' ... More like it chops it up... in truth V annoying . Is this file Too Complex for this pgm to deal with? Is there any way to get Cura to do a credible job of this?
  17. Komplete Newbie .. Have A new Anet A6 It came with Cura 14.7 which worked Updated to 3.2.1 Sort of . Have generated a model to print in Gcode bit of a learning curve but All seems good. Got it onto my SD card .. However the machine tries to start the print in the Auto home position ie; Left front corner of the heat bed.. Not Good. Clearly I've done something wrong Possibly in the machine settings?? As On screen in Cura the model is dead centre Not so on the heat bed. Dunno the ethics of this, given I don't have an Ultimaker machine.. But I have No idea as to How to fix this. .. erm Help? thanks
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