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  1. gr5, Thanks for your very generous offer. I live in Southern California (Ventura County). I suspect there might be a store with an S5 in my area. I’ll see if one of them might have a floor model they’d be willing to let me test. Thanks again for your help. V/r, - guy
  2. Dim3nsioneer, Thanks for your help. Am I correct in assuming that the standard Ethernet cables would be used in conjunction with a DHCP router? Thanks for the suggestion to actually try out the connection at a showroom. Since what I know about networking could be written on a Post-it, and because I’m guessing that most showroom sales people aren’t authorized to experiment with merchandise (or to allow customers to do so) I was hoping that Ultimaker Tech Support would be willing to actually test an Ethernet and external USB hard drive connection between a Windows 10 PC and an S5. I’ll see if I can find a showroom in my area. Thanks again for your thoughts. V/r, - guy
  3. gr5, Thanks for your prompt and very detailed explanation... which as a network-challenged person is exactly what I was hoping for. I can't resist addressing your first question. I've no idea why an external USB hard drive might be acceptable to our IA Department, but a USB thumb drive constitutes an unthinkable security threat... even though neither the PC or the printer will ever touch the network. My dad's old saying, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" comes to mind. I'll gratefully accept whatever latitude they'll give me. : ) Am I correct in assuming that there's nothing special about an "old" Linksys router with a WAN connection in your recommended solution... beyond the convenient prospect that we might have one laying around? What router functions/specifications would you suggest I should be shopping for? I suspect that developing proficiency with Linux would require a significant investment of time and focus for the purpose of solving this problem, but I would be grateful for any suggestions on how I might quickly educate myself regarding networks. Thanks again for your help! V/r, - guy
  4. Hi. I'm considering purchasing an S5 for work. For security reasons, our IA Department will not allow connections via Wi-Fi or the use of USB flash ("thumb") drives to transfer g-code from the PC to the printer. I understand that the S5 cannot be connected to a PC via a USB cable for control or file transfer. This would appear to constrain my options to using a USB external hard drive or an Ethernet LAN cable connection between the S5 and the PC. Can anyone tell me if either of these remaining options would work... or if there's an alternate approach? And if the LAN option would work, precisely how would that be implemented? Would I need a cross-over CAT5 cable and additional networking software beyond what's already available in Windows 10? I can't afford to buy an S5 only to find out that I have no way to connect to it. Any advice would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks! - guy
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