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  1. HI, Could you explain why its happening, print started smaller scale and after get slightly bigger, i hope you it can be seen on picture
  2. Also i notice 3D solex core is not working well as well. It start printing all good, but after 30 min or more filament is blocked. Printer shows 200 degree but filament is not extruded. so i took print core from slot 2. swapped with slot 1. That original core is printing with same setting and same filament well. So what is wrong ? temp sensor or heat element in core? I checked temp sensor ohm is about 110.
  3. Hi, Could someone tell e why its fails? Heat cartridge is broken? Also what does mean delta T 20 degree? whats mean i should add 20 degree more on filament sensor ? Thanks
  4. yes sound same , auto leveling can get right height. i did manuly and switch off leveling. it works until i will have to change a core or one of heads.
  5. sorry for later replay, Yes i am running latest software, and would say its happens after update. Automatic leveling not working right at all. if i change head size and let do auto leveling, it will get wrong level, head scratching glass. If i do manual leveling , and switch off auto leveling, it keeps ok until i change head. my understanding auto leveling should get right level itself but it not happening.
  6. how come after automatic leveling 2nd head scratch a bed? its no gap at all. if i did manual leveling as you said 0.1 still nothing. is it possible somehow get in printer to read saved settings for leveling? why it keeps head so low.
  7. hi, I dont understand my printer. i do have Ultimaker 3. I do manual leveling as its asking, 1mm after final calibrating card. after manual leveling i turn rising bed, and its hits 2 nd head no gap between. lets say i choose automatic leveling still hits head after rising bed, what ever i do , its start printing to close, head scratching glass so how to get sorted?
  8. its happening to me as well. filament get blocked in feeder. I event change DDG fedder with 1.75mm gears and still same issue filament not getting extruded from core, or its getting little bit and stop again.
  9. Hello, I would like to ask someone who could give gcode to put in to cura. I need to check filament length being pushed by DDG feeder, so i want to make a mark on filament 10cm above core. i will take start point from tube. So i need right a code in to cura extrude 10 cm filament before its starts print anything, also i need lower bed little bit for this 10cm . Can some one right a code please 🙂 Thank you
  10. have change seeting in cura? you need change printer filament from 2.85 ro 1.75mm as well and after slice it
  11. i found out what is bontech 🙂 so what about core? is nozzle size is no matter?
  12. chuck-yanke Who is GR5? user ? And who is Bontec? 🙂 sorry i dont know do you think is only feeder has to be change? what about head? the hole size inside is about 3mm? is not to big ? Thank you
  13. all issues sorted after new cura released
  14. Hello, I know that story about size filament is old and many topics about it. But i still can not understand why can not be made new core just for 1.75mm filament. after new core i believe its just software setting need to made. why not to give a option for people who is interested in it. I am ready to pay few hundreds just to have option to print 1.75mm size filament.
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