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  1. camera issue resolved with reinstalling UM app 🙂 Personally, I do think Ultimaker Team is doing a great job. All confidence that firmware 5.2.8 is going to be superb after the first bug fixes are done. The world isn't perfect, but we can only learn from this and improve 🙂
  2. Same problems here with my UM3. No camera and x/y calibration without filament being extruded. Waiting for the hotfix....but don't know if the camera issue will be addressed as well.
  3. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1451156 Here the link to the dual extruder calibration test model download 🙂
  4. I now see that more people are having the same issue, due to the latest firmware update... Hopefully this will be fixed soon!
  5. Same thing here! I have been struggling for 24hrs and was thinking that I was doing something wrong myself.... In the end I just loaded an xy calibration test model, which prints fine with prime blobs at the start, and so could finally do a proper calibration with my new print cores!
  6. Hi, I have installed new printcores on my UM3, but during xy callibration there is no filament extruded from the nozzles. I find this strange, as filament is ok during material load and nozzles are clearly not blocked or anything. I have checked the temperature sensor as well, all fine. I did make a new setup with the Polybox edition II and removed the original spool holder with NFC cable. But the filament is feeded all ok through the feeders and tension looks just fine, just the regular marks no grinding or anything. What could be the problem? I have not started to test with any prints yet, as I not able to finish the xy callibration with the new printcores, therefore have no clue what values to confirm for XY... Has anybody else experienced this problem? Any feedback on the Polybox edition II setup with the Ultimaker 3? Is there something I am overlooking? IT is really strange. The problem with the automatic calibration of the Ultimaker 3: The filament of extruder 1(PLA) does not flow until the Y part is almost finished and is printing the 'zig/zag' short lines. The X part is printing fine with the extruder 1 (PLA). However, extruder 2 (PVA) does not extrude any filament at all. So, no change to read anything from the calibration print. It does seem that the printer is working and extruding just fine with some test prints. I have selected to print a prime blob first with these prints and filament is coming out nicely with both extruders, before the print head moves to the print area, leaving a smooth blob. I'm not an expert yet with this machine. What might be wrong? OR what am I doing wrong? I did put back the NFC cable and spool holder, just feeding the filaments from the Polybox Edition II. I have bowden tubes running from the Polybox to the UM3 and had to remove the bottom metal rings, in order for the bowden tubes to fit in the bottom end of the feeders. However, the filament seems to be feeded just fine during printing and filament marks look ok. I don't think that's the problem, but something clearly doesn't work properly anymore with the automatic xy calibration process from the UM3...
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