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  1. I had one feeder replaced on warranty, and that eliminated the issue. The filament channel within the feeder can become worn out pretty badly: the knurled wheels of the feeder are of hard metal but everything else is wobbly plastic. It would be nice if some third-party would be a more sturdy replacement feeder, all in metal.
  2. OK, thanks. I thought that my LAN may have a problem, but this is the only device that does that. For a printer in this price class, this is not a great assurance of quality...
  3. On long prints, my S5 loses periodically its internet connection (ethernet cable). The first few hours of any print are OK, then I start getting messages on the browser that "the printer cannot be reached" and that "no detailed information is available". That goes for a few minutes, then the printer reappears - for a while - and then it disappears again. The printer is pingable at all times, and the video stream from the camera is always available. I wonder whether I am the only one with this issue.
  4. How do I configure Cura to instruct my UM S5 to stop after printing a defined layer?
  5. Thanks. So, the UMS5 printer will not automatically adjust the temperature, even if instructed that the replacement spool has a different material?
  6. nobody really? I tried it now, ToughPLA->PLA. The printer objected with a warning, which I overruled. Let's hope that I will not screw up the whole thing...
  7. Let's say, I start a print on a UM S5 with Tough PLA, and I run out of filament at half of the print. Can I go through the filament change procedure, but load something else than Tough PLA? The printer asks me what material I am loading, so in principle I presume that I could do that. But when Cura had sliced and sent off the g-code, it assumed that everything would be printed with Tough PLA. Is that going to be an issue?
  8. aag

    random support

    Yep, that's what I did. But I am intrigued. The design software is Fusion, the parameters are as shown here:
  9. Here's what I don't understand. This part is perfectly symmetrical. Why does Cura place a support on one side but not on the other???
  10. Since very recently, I often receive this message from Cura Connect. I wondered whether this may be a hardware issue of the LAN network (the printer is hardwired with Ethernet). However the video stream from the webcam continues to work OK even when the printer is supposedly "unreachable". Hence I now suspect a firmware issue/bug. Any ideas? t
  11. I had posted this in 2018. Now we are in 2020, and the app still does not notify the user that a filament has run out. This is really disappointing.
  12. Thanks. Indeed the tensor had immediately popped out but I repositioned it, I think correctly. What I notice, is that the release lever is now a bit harder to operate than before. The tension gauge is at around half. Could it be that it's now too tense?
  13. I had a ToughPLA filament stuck in Printhead #1 of my S5, and could only take it out by removing the Bowden from the extruder. I then cleaned the extruder knurled wheel, since I was at it already. After reassembly, I am getting "Material out" errors (note: on the ToughPLA extruder, not the PVA extruder) every 5 minutes. But there is nothing wrong with the material, and in fact I am getting good prints by disabling the flow sensor. I conclude that I may have somehow screwed up the flow sensor while cleaning the extruder. But what could the issue be? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated!
  14. i will then buy quickly the cheap one, before they find out... 🙂
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