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  1. Thanks. So, the UMS5 printer will not automatically adjust the temperature, even if instructed that the replacement spool has a different material?
  2. nobody really? I tried it now, ToughPLA->PLA. The printer objected with a warning, which I overruled. Let's hope that I will not screw up the whole thing...
  3. Let's say, I start a print on a UM S5 with Tough PLA, and I run out of filament at half of the print. Can I go through the filament change procedure, but load something else than Tough PLA? The printer asks me what material I am loading, so in principle I presume that I could do that. But when Cura had sliced and sent off the g-code, it assumed that everything would be printed with Tough PLA. Is that going to be an issue?
  4. aag

    random support

    Yep, that's what I did. But I am intrigued. The design software is Fusion, the parameters are as shown here:
  5. Here's what I don't understand. This part is perfectly symmetrical. Why does Cura place a support on one side but not on the other???
  6. Since very recently, I often receive this message from Cura Connect. I wondered whether this may be a hardware issue of the LAN network (the printer is hardwired with Ethernet). However the video stream from the webcam continues to work OK even when the printer is supposedly "unreachable". Hence I now suspect a firmware issue/bug. Any ideas? t
  7. I had posted this in 2018. Now we are in 2020, and the app still does not notify the user that a filament has run out. This is really disappointing.
  8. Thanks. Indeed the tensor had immediately popped out but I repositioned it, I think correctly. What I notice, is that the release lever is now a bit harder to operate than before. The tension gauge is at around half. Could it be that it's now too tense?
  9. I had a ToughPLA filament stuck in Printhead #1 of my S5, and could only take it out by removing the Bowden from the extruder. I then cleaned the extruder knurled wheel, since I was at it already. After reassembly, I am getting "Material out" errors (note: on the ToughPLA extruder, not the PVA extruder) every 5 minutes. But there is nothing wrong with the material, and in fact I am getting good prints by disabling the flow sensor. I conclude that I may have somehow screwed up the flow sensor while cleaning the extruder. But what could the issue be? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated!
  10. i will then buy quickly the cheap one, before they find out... 🙂
  11. I have two simple questions: I have seen on some vendor sites that UM commercializes both "PVA" and "Natural PVA". "Natural PVA" appears to cost 50% more than "PVA", but I couldn't find any info on whether it offers any advantages. Do you know? I need to print some stuff that should be as temperature-stable as possible. I understand that thermoplastics are, by definition, limited in their thermostability. What is the most thermostable material that one can print with an UM S5? many thanks in advance for any info and thoughts that you might have!
  12. I have changed some settings, and now Cura is making a brim with Extruder 2 (PVA) surrounded by a second brim with Extruder 1. However I do not see how I can revert to normal, which would be an Extruder-1-only brim. Can somebody enlighten me? Thanks in advance
  13. Thank you for your advice. I may have to reprogram the core via SSH then. However, I find it extremely troubling that a $150 factory-sealed original Ultimaker core is wrongly programmed to a nozzle size that doesn't even exist. Is this a common occurrence? If so, it's quite frightening. Alternatively, I am worried that the core may be OK and something inside the printer is messed up - which may potentially be worse...
  14. I have replaced a worn-out AA0.4 core on my UMS5 with a new one. However the S5 recognizes as "AA0.6", which doesn't even seem to exist (I know only of a AA0.8 and a CC0.6). I switched the printer off completely and rebooted it, and the issue remains. I also removed the AA0.4 and inserted it again using the Change routine, to no avail. Now I am manually overriding the AA0.6 directive on every print, and that works more-or-less, but it is a terrible nuisance. What can I do? Thanks for any advice!
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